Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Latest Update on the Rise of the RoMann Empire


Greetings to the RoMann Legion and friends of the RoMann Empire! First, I am hoping someone on this list can help me get in touch with the manager/agent/etc for the 80s band, "Survivor". I am hoping to negotiate the use of their song "Eye of the Tiger" in my SAG short comedy film, "Origami Deathmatch" which I am actively editing right now. If any of you have any leads, please help! THIS IS URGENT.

Second, here's a quick update on my exciting life:

a) Last week, I had the privilege of auditioning for a lead role in Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron's new movie about Iraq called, "In the Valley of Elah". It went so well that the producers called me back to tell me so! :) As a result, I was contacted today by Professional Artists agency here in NY, who requested my headshot and resume. Perhaps next week I'll meet with them. Swanky! FYI... thank you Drew Young & Bob Fraser for helping to make this all happen. NOTE: if you haven't visited Bob's site at, I recommend you do so, and sign up for his amazing monthly newsletter pronto.

b) Editing on Origami Deathmatch is about 1/4 of the way done, and we're on schedule for a ton of film festival submissions this spring. And let me tell you: IT IS HILARIOUS. It is so funny that I have no problem blatantly telling you so! The trailer and website will be up and online by Christmas: I hope you'll check it out.

c) I am two weeks away from finishing up my first semester of Pace University's JD/MBA program and Western Carolina University's 'Master of Entrepreneurship' program. So far so good. And learning oh so much. On to spring semester! And on to the LSAT as well. In February, I'll be taking the Law School Admission Test. Why? Well, because it's easier to negotiate contracts when you're an attorney, of course! Also, the JD/MBA program I am in at Pace is a joint program. So in about four years, I'll not only have my MBA, but I'll also be a lawyer. Ain't that cool? Or WAY to ambitious? One of the two!

d) I am pleased to also report that in about three weeks, the MAIE (investment) documents will be available for my feature film, "In the Wake". What does this mean? It means I am actually holding a public offering for my film. Yes, people JUST LIKE YOU (wink) will be able to purchase shares in the film, starting at what I believe will be $10,000 per share (my securities attorney, John Cones, will help make the final decision). If you or anyone you know has an interest in investing and potentially profiting from an investment in summer 2008's summer sports blockbuster film... send 'em my way! Once we raise approximately $50,000, I'll be able to start contracting name talent for the two lead roles. As I mentioned a while back, Endeavor Agency--one of the biggest in Hollywood--said they'd help out with packaging once some funds are raised for the feature film.

e) Speaking of feature films, once Origami Deathmatch is completed, I start work on editing my feature length documentary called, "Fobbits - and other tales from the lighter side of combat", which is soon to be the world's very first comedic documentary about the war in Iraq. Hooah!

f) I am also pleased to report that my school (Unstoppable Artists Business School) is undergoing quite the exciting transformation. For starters, we'll be incorporating in January, and potentially as a not-for-profit 501c3. We'll see. We are also opening up two new divisions that are going to help make the school work more efficiently, and also make our offerings more dynamic for our students/clients. And our brand new website launches in about two weeks as well. All the exciting details are forthcoming in another email... For those in the arts, or who know friends in the arts... this is gonna be signicant.

g) Finally, if you haven't yet, please visit or and take a look at my books, "The Theatrial Juggernaut" and "Battle Cries for the Underdog". Both will inspire you to move faster, more efficiently, and with more confidence than ever before... whether you are in the arts, or not. As Jay Levinson, author of the best-selling book, "Guerrilla Marketing" says, "To make it big, you need the Real Deal. Mr. Mann is the Real Deal." And as Bob Fraser---remember his name from up above---wrote about The Theatrical Juggernaut, "If this book is any indication of things to come, we are going to be hearing a LOT about Monroe Mann." I hope you will pick up copies, especially since it is Christmas, and an excellent time to purchase those gifts you have been procrastinating on. :)

Oh, also, PLEASE, if you have ALREADY read my books, and like them, please post glowing reviews online at amazon and I need as many positive reviews on there as possible. Thank you!
ROMP ON! FOLD IT BABY!And of course... Meet you at the TOP!-Monroe Mann

Friday, November 10, 2006

EXPERT COMMENTARY: Britney Spears' Divorce A Marketing Decision

Britney Spears' Divorce A Marketing Decision
By Monroe Mann
Guerrilla Marketing Certified Coach
Author, “The Theatrical Juggernaut – The Psyche of the Star, 2nd Ed” (Nov 2006)
Founder, Unstoppable Artists Business School (& Iraq War Combat Veteran)

“Given the rebirth of ‘Britney’ these past few days, it is apparent that Britney Spears’ divorce filing from husband Kevin ‘K-Fed’ Federline is—in the final analysis—a tactical marketing decision. The rocky marriage notwithstanding, this marriage has been tabloid fodder from day one, and Mr. Federline has proven himself in the last few weeks to be unfortunately lacking in crowd appeal [his last two big concerts were cancelled due to low ticket sales]. Ms. Spears’ strategy (and a smart one) is to distance herself from the ‘white trash’ reputation she has cultivated these last few years, and move into what will undoubtedly be known as the ‘post Federline’ era. This move is perfectly in line with the ‘new’ Britney who is now back in the limelight. As for Federline, his best strategy is to move into the ‘post K-Fed’ era himself. Unlike Kid Rock—who is cool trash—Federline is just smelly trash. Federline needs to completely shift his marketing strategy and bring some elegance and class to his backbeats (which could potentially be impressive if he relied more on his own assets, rather than on Britney’s reputation—which has proven to be stable enough only for one.)”

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Guerrilla Networking" & General Update

Greetings to the RoMann Legion!

Behold the latest update on the rise of the RoMann Empire:

* GUERRILLA NETWORKING (and you!): First, Jay Conrad Levinson & I are now accepting story submissions for our new book, "Guerrilla Networking - A Proven Battle Plan to Attract the Very People You Want to Meet". Yes, this is your opportunity to GET PUBLISHED! The book is based on my school's philosophy that networking does NOT mean 'meeting people' but rather, 'becoming the type of person that OTHER people want to meet." For example, I didn't actively 'seek out' Jay Levinson as a friend and business partner; instead, I focused on becoming the type of person he would want to write a book with and hang out with. As a result, I am now doing just that. Make sense? There are many permutations of this formula, and that is what we are looking for: stories that prove our theory: that networking does not mean meeting people, but rather, becoming the type of person other people want to meet! Please send your SHORT queries to

* THE THEATRICAL JUGGERNAUT, 2nd EDITION (Director's Cut): Guess what? It is now available! Everywhere. Drama Book Shop in Manhattan. Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Twice the size of the first edition, and ten times better. Yee haw! Pick up your copy today.

* MEM-CARDS, GETTING TO THE TOP - BASIC: Yes, these super handy and infinitely inspiring business cards--written by Monroe Mann (and created with Greg Cilmi, Tracy Ransome, and Michael Schreiber) are now available too! You can pick them up right now at Drama Book Shop, and shortly, from as well. The reviews so far are staggering. You'll love 'em!

* MY SHORT FILM, "ORIGAMI DEATHMATCH": just wrapped! In association with Screen Actors Guild, Inwood Boxing Academy, Vensius Productions, and Digital Film Academy, I am pleased to report that Loco Dawn Films is now in the editing room with one hilarious comedy---written, produced, directed, edited, and, Monroe Mann. When you combine a cast of over 35 with a fast and furious international origami competition, you get one thing: more laughter than you are going to know what to do with. Origami Deathmatch: "Because sometimes, the only thing standing between you and glory... is a colored piece of paper." We are planning to have a final copy of this bad boy available for viewing by early December.

* MY FEATURE FILM, "IN THE WAKE". Origami Deathmatch is the first film I have directed with such ambitious logistics: affiliated with SAG; a cast of over 35 people; 12 different locations in three different cities; etc. Well (and I am pleasantly surprised and shocked) to have received email after email from the cast telling me that I am the most professional, courteous, dedicated, organized, and impressive director they have ever worked with. As a result, I have made the decision that I am probably going to direct my wakeboardng film, "In the Wake". On that note, the latest update is that while there has been much interest in the film from all the big agencies, and I am proud to report that I have developed relationships at every single one of them, no one agency has truly committed to helping me. So, I am changing course and making plans to shoot the film without a big name director. I just don't think the film needs it: I wrote the script, and I know the characters better than anyone, so who better than me to direct it. More importantly, it has become apparent in the last few weeks that I apparently also know how to direct a film pretty damn well. So, next step: get back in touch with my investors and tell them I am moving forward! I will keep you all posted. FYI, I am also now writing a feature film that I hope to shoot this February up in Maine. More to come...

* EDUCATION: For those who don't know, I am now a grad student at both Lubin School of Business (Pace University) and Western Carolina University. I am getting my MBA at Pace and my ME (Master of Entrepreneurship) at WCU. I also recently become certified as a Guerrilla Marketing Coach by Mitch Meyerson, Al Lautenslager, Jay Levinson, and Guerrilla Marketing International.

* MY BUSINESS SCHOOL: On that note of education, remember that I run a business school for artists (Unstoppable Artists Business School). If you or any of your friends are involved in the arts in any capacity, and are looking for that edge to get to the next level: look no further than Unstoppable Artists Business School. I offer the finest business, marketing, and financing class for artists on Thursdays, from 1 - 4PM in Manhattan, and I teach EVERY BUSINESS DISCIPLINE you need in order to succeed in the arts as an actor, musician, band, model, director, painter, photographer, etc. I also offer the finest one-on-one business coaching program for artists in the world. Call 1-888-YSTARDM or reply to this email for more information. Check out for details as well. Free class audit every Thursday. RSVP today.

* LASTLY: I just wanted to let everyone know that my Uncle Milton tadpoles have arrived today. Yes, it is true: I now have two live tadpoles that are soon going to morph into friendly little froggies. Just thought I'd share that!

Hope you are all having a wonderful fall season, and I wish you the best in life and career. Go out there and make your dreams come true. It's hard, I know! But as I know firsthand, you can't even let a WAR get in the way. Just pick yourself up and find the strength to continue. And then... meet you at the TOP!

ROMP ON!-Monroe Mann

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And we're off!

I am super pleased to announce the second edition of my first book... WAS JUST SENT TO MY PUBLISHER!

Yes, ladies and gents, "The Theatrical Juggernaut - 2nd Edition, Director's Cut" is going to be available this October!

I am also quite excited to report that I have officially started grad school at both Pace (MBA) and WCU (for my Master of Entrepreneurship), and am now halfway done with my 15-week digital film-making course at Digital Film Academy. My short film, "Origami Deathmatch" is going to be shot during the first two weeks of October, and submitted to film festivals shortly thereafter.

I am still waiting on baited breath about the status of my script at William Morris Agency. I spoke with them today, and they said they had some news and would get back to me shortly. Is it good news? I asked. A-ha! Therein lies the rub. The assistant I spoke with said she didn't know. Hmmm...

Also, you'll soon be able to check out the new website. It should launch by Friday, Sept 22nd.

More to come!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

William Morris; 2nd Editions; Mem-Cards OH MY!

Greetings from 'almost at' the top!

It's been four weeks since my last post. My apologies there. But hey, at least I have a good explanation: I've been kicking ass!

I spoke with William Morris agency two days ago and they actually said, "We got the script back from coverage, and it got really high marks. We are really surprised. This film may have a future yet. We'll let ya know in two weeks whether we're taking your film on as a project." So that's pretty exciting.

I went on a commercial audition callback for Foxwoods casino... but alas, I was too talented for them, and they gave the part to someone else. :)

I have finally finished the 2nd edition to "The Theatrical Juggernaut". I am calling this one: The Director's Cut. It will be available everywhere in a couple of months.

On that note, "The UABCs - Getting to the Top (Basic)" will be available for sale in four weeks as well. What are the UABCs? Well, check out and you'll understand the product. Then, think of the ABCs instead of the UABCs: U - Unstoppable; A - Attitude; B - Business Sense; all the way to Z - Zen! The front of the card explains the principle; the back includes three action exercises to help you implement it! Later in the fall we'll be releasing Deck II: - Intermediate; and Deck III - Advanced.

So, this week? This week I am cleaning up my room/office; reorganizing the school's strategy and curriculum; starting film school at; completing my registration for classes at Lubin School of Business at Pace University (for my MBA) as well as at Western Carolina University for my ME (Master of Entrepreneurship), and I plan to feed my fish every day. :)

Thanks for your support everyone. Send people to to sign up to my email list!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Agent Smagent.

I finally sat down and did it. I called every agency in Ross Reports. And it worked. I have appointments with three so far. I had extended conversations with the heads of a number of them. Gersh wants to see the script and potentially rep me as an actor. Same with Innovative Artists. I spoke to and was asked to send info about me, the actor, directly to the heads of about ten of these agencies, i.e. Carole Russo of Agents for the Arts; Clay Smith at Independent Artists; Nancy Carson of Carson-Adler (who I spoke with for about 20 minutes), and the list goes on. Good stuff I tell you :) Damn exciting.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gosh, will the good news ever stop?! TO THE TOP BABY!


1) I just received this email: "Congratulations! We have accepted your chapter proposal for inclusion in Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines: 25 WorldClass Marketing Coaches Reveal Their Inside Secrets to Send Your Profits Soaring, by Jay Levinson and Mitch Meyerson. Yoursuccess stories will greatly enhance the book and benefit its readers. We're honored to add your name to the list of superstars featured in this book.]

My story will be about how I kept my business, my film, and my dreams alive from Iraq using Guerrilla Marketing principles, and how others can emulate my strategy within their own business in times of crisis. :)

2) AND... I just spoke with William Morris Agency today and guess what they asked me to send them? The good ol' script for "In the Wake". That makes three of the top three agencies in Hollywood helping me out now: Endeavor, CAA, and WMA.

Oh, and in answer to my question in the subject line asking, "Will the good news ever stop?" I really hope that that the answer is a resounding NO! NO! NO!

Thank you for your continuing support!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

More exciting news! Parle-tu Francais?

Greetings to the RoMann Legion!

So I've been telling you about all the great news regarding the developments with the film. The latest news is that now CAA has requested the script, as well as Insight Productions in Canada (producers of the new TV show about wakeboarding on ABC Family). Cool, eh?

Well, want to hear some even more wonderful news? Two months ago, as I began my forays into the college speaking market, I sent an email to one of the largest French Speaker's Bureau telling them of my success.

Well, I just--one hour ago--received a genuine phone call from Paris. They love my background, and what I have accomplished at such a young age, and think French corporations could really benefit from my knowledge of business.

And then... they randomly started speaking French to test how well I speak. Faster French than I have ever heard. Palms sweating. Brain overload. Frozen solid. Until I took a deep breath and realized... that I actually understood what he just asked me.

So what did I do? I answered. And we spoke for 20 minutes in French about show business, about me acting my way into the Cannes film festival, about politics and the love/hate relationship America has with France and vice-versa, and how much I charge as a speaker.

His last words in French,"Ok, you certainly speak french, and your fluency is definitely sufficient to speak to French corporations." In other words (and this is where you can all celebrate with me)... I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS. They are now helping me put together various speech topics for the French speaking world and he hopes to be flying me to Paris by summer's end, if not sooner, for my first engagement. He thinks I am going to be 'really big in France' because few American businessmen, authors, and actors speak French.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, yours truly, Monroe Mann, is soon going to be on the French speaking circuit! HOOAH!

Endeavor loves my script!

I've got some great news.

Have you ever heard of the Endeavor Agency in Hollywood? To give you an idea of how prominent they are, some of the artists signed to them include Adam Sandler, James Cameron, Paris Hilton, Conan O'Brian, Adam Brody, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith, Jessica Alba, and this is just for starters.

Well... I sent them a copy of my script for my wakeboarding film, "In the Wake" and... they like it! One of their film agents called me back to specifically tell me that. Word verbatim, "Monroe, I read your script. I really like it."

So now they have asked me to start putting together a list of actors and directors from their agency who I would like to read the script, and he would pass it along on my behalf. I am really excited---this is the biggest step forward yet!

In addition, VAS Entertainment (largest action sports film distributor in the world) said they too want to help out, definitely with distro, potentially with more. This is great news as well.

Thanks for all of your support, and meet you at the TOP!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

School expanding

Super stoked! My business school is expanding more and more daily. By mid-summer, we plan on having a location on the moon!

Keep an ear out for Unstoppable Artists Business School. Soon you're gonna be hearing a LOT about us. :)

First Self-Help Book To Come Out Of Modern Combat!

First Self-Help Book To Come Out of Modern Combat.

Yes, believe it or not, I actually wrote a book while I was in Iraq.
The name of the book is Battle Cries for the Underdog—Fightin’ Words for an Extraordinary Life. It’ll be available on Amazon, BN, etc by the end of June. Keep searching for it!

What the heck is it about?

Basically, I took 100 motivational quotes from prominent people (Battle Cries) and coupled them with my own patented inspirational and action-oriented explanations (Fightin’ Words). Already the book has received much critical acclaim. Author Jay Levinson calls it ‘profound’. Author of Unstoppable, Cynthia Kersey, writes, “Monroe Mann inspires me and his book Battle Cries for the Underdog will inspire you too!”

How did I find the time to write it?

The question actually should be, ‘how did you survive the war’ and the answer is, ‘by escaping into the books I was writing, such as this one.’ Truly, writing became one of my only escapes while over there. It kept me going. It helped me to stay focused on the prize: COMING HOME. It helped me to remember that even though I was a military advisor to the 4th Iraqi Army by day, I was still in ‘the arts’ by night.

Can I get myself a copy now?!

The truth is… yes, you can. If you go to and click on ‘bookstore’ you will be able to buy my book now and get it shipped to you in a couple of days. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is currently a slight misprint which is not going to be corrected until mid-June. However, the two pages in question are merely reversed, and are only in the introduction, so if you think of it as a ‘limited edition collector’s item’ then perhaps buying it now would be a cool thing to do! Otherwise, you can wait until June 15th, OR wait until the end of June/early July when it will be available on Amazon,, etc.

Hey, I want to write a book, too!

Go for it! is a great publishing company. I love them. Mention my name and get a discount when you get started with them! If you need further help, check out my business school for artists:

Thanks for reading! ROMP ON!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Got Kicked Out Of Da Vinci Code By The Cops!

In a nutshell, yes, I got ejected from the AMC 25 in Time Square last Saturday. Along with a student of mine, Dennis Hurley, the star and producer of the Albino Code... a short parody of the Da Vinci Code.

As founder of Unstoppable Artists Business School (, I'm a big fan of breaking the rules. So, we bought tickets, went in, and told the whole crowd about his film (which is getting HUGE press). The entire crowd was laughing.

"What's the website?!" I yelled.

"!" they yelled back, in unison.

And then... a big ol' strong hand on my shoulder, "You need to come with me. All three of you." An innocent bystander student who was tagging along got ejected too. Bummer... And an undercover cop escorted us out of the theater. Of course, what did he ask, "So what's the website again?!" HA!!!

But... all's well that ends well. The Albino Code is getting written up everywhere and Dennis is appearing on talk shows like Inside Edition to magazines such as People. Mission acccomplished.

P.S. - I am also now posting this blog on my MySpace profile...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Really Hungry...

I woke up at 1PM today... got on my computer, and have been moving and shaking like such a madman... that I haven't eaten one thing the entire day. I am SO hungry right now. On the flip side, I am making some major progress with the expansion of the school. I suspect we'll be bigger than the Beatles by the end of the summer. :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

The OC (Ohso Cool!)

I actually got a phone call today from Endeavor, and specifically, Michael Lange's agent. Michael Lange is one of the illustrious directors of the television show, "The OC". He's also directed The X-Files, and tons of other popular shows.

Anyway, his agent wants to read my script! I sent them an email a couple of days ago with a three-page summary of the film... and today, they called me back! How awesome.

So... I spent about five hours today sprucing up the script and adding some finishing touches to the newest version that was completed about 3 weeks ago.

I also went to my interview to become a Big Brother to a local kid whose parents are incarcerated. This should certainly be an interesting experience.

Lastly, I am working with an ad agency that is helping me to put together actual television ads for my business school. We are looking at MTV, E!, Style, VH1, A&E, & Bravo. We hope to have our first ads go live late summer/early fall.

Oh actually, the TRUE 'lastly' is that my new book, "Battle Cries for the Underdog" is about one week from being available for purchase. I will throw purchase information on here shortly (cause you ARE going to buy the book... RIGHT?)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

So, what the heck am I doing with this site?

Welcome to "What is Monroe doing this week?"

I created this blog for a number of reasons. First, I have a growing number of fans who want to know what I am doing! Second, I know that what I do often inspires others in the world of showbusiness... so I figured I'd publicly tell people what I am doing in hopes of inspiring others to go out and live their dreams as well.

So, what am I doing right now? I'm super stoked that my school is expanding, that my film is starting to get some true legitimacy, and my band's new CD is about two weeks from being finished. I saw United 93 the other night with my mom... and cried. And swore at those sons of bitches who decided to mess with the greatest country in the world. I rarely swear, but I heard a FUCK YOU SONS OF BITCHES come out of my mouth about three times. After watching it, it made me want to go back to Iraq (figuratively) and continue kicking terrorist ass. Afterwards, I called Creative Artists Agency to see if Paul Greengrass (director/writer of United 93) wanted to direct my film, In the Wake. I got the typical response: please send us an email with the information... So I did. I also spoke with a potential distributor... who called me. They want to help me get the film into retail stores around the country on DVD. Sounds like a plan. It's not theatrical distro, but it's certainly a start.