Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monroe Mann's Awesome Spring 2012 Update

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NOTE: my new book, "Romantic Suicide" is now available on Amazon/! Please check it out! :)

What's up Unstoppable One!!!!!

I was talking to my mother the other night on the phone and after telling her what's going on in my life, she started crying.  I asked why she was crying.  She said, "Because after all these years of struggle, rejection, and you working SO hard, things are finally working out.  And I am so happy."

So, what did I tell her on the phone?  3...2...1...

 After 12 years trying to get somewhere in showbusiness, I am so excited to share that "You Can't Kill Stephen King", the feature film I co-wrote, co-directed, co-produced, and co-starred in... has been nominated for best film, best director, and people's choice at the upcoing Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival in Maine! DIRECTED BY: Monroe Mann, Ronnie Khalil, & Jorge Valdes-Iga
WRITTEN BY: Monroe Mann, Ronnie Khalil, & Bob Madia
PRODUCED BY: Monroe Mann & Ronnie Khalil
CO-PRODUCERS: John Seymore, John Harlacher, Gabriel Cullen, Ben Heald

b) DISTRIBUTORS ARE ACTUALLY MAKING OFFERS TO US!  In other words: the film is good good good!!!  Really, it is amazingly funny!  And I am SO incredibly proud--not only of myself, but of everyone who helped make the film possible.  Stephen King himself even posted the film's trailer on his official website. How cool is that, right?  So if you can't make it to the festival--no sweat.  You'll probably be able to watch it through Netflix and Amazon soon too. :)  If you haven't, be sure to visit youtube to see the trailer!

c) COME SEE THE FILM!  Bottom line, you are hereby officially invited to see the WORLD PREMIERE on Sat, April 14th, in Auburn, Maine, at the festival.  I hope you can make it!  More info at

d) NEW BOOK!  I'm super super SUPER excited to report that I finished perhaps my most helpful book to date, no pun intended, as you will soon see.  It's called, "Romantic Suicide - The 45 Unbreakable Rules of Dating, by a guy who learned them all... by breaking each one."  For many years, I have made mistake after mistake dating women---being annoying, needy, jumping to conclusions, and the list goes on.  Well, I finally realized that this needed to stop.  This book is the result, and you should read the review that Dr. Jonathan Rich posted about the book on Amazon.  IT WORKS.  The book is applicable to both men and women and will ensure that you (or a friend) never again commits "Romantic Suicide", i.e. destroying a relationship because of your own stupid and foolish actions.  It certainly has worked for me.  Like the hair club president might say, "I'm not just the author; I'm also a client." haha Enjoy!

e) NEW JOB!  More great news!  I started a new job 5 weeks ago.  And I LOVE it.  I am now a full-time criminal defense attorney, working as a public defender for Westchester County.  In other words, if you are accused of a felony in Westchester (i.e. Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Rye, New Rochelle, New Castle, Port Chester, etc) and you cannot afford an attorney, the court would assign you to my office of about 45 attorneys (of which I am one).  We would then represent you in court.  In just five weeks, I have gone to court on behalf of and/or interviewed clients accused of murder, rape, arson, kidnapping, drug dealing, grand larceny, forgery, and the list goes on.  It is SO interesting, and SO fascinating.  And I go to court at least 3 times a week, standing before and advocating before judges.  So awesome!  And I still have time to work on my PhD studies, work on another book, and work on the distribution deal for my film. Lesson: no excuses people!  You CAN do it all, I assure you. :)  It all comes down to one question: HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO YOU?

f) OTHER STUFF  I just wanted to also remind you that you can check out my motivational speaking and music album "Get Off Your Ass" on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and watch two music videos from the album on YouTube. ( Also, be sure to check out all of my other books on Amazon and  I know you will find one that you like!

THANK YOU for all of your support over the years.  It continues to mean so much to me.

Meet you at the top!


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In still other news:
a) FREE MONROE MANN SONG!  Congrats!  Just click here and you get a FREE complimentary copy of my song, "The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere" for you to download, put on your iPod/MP3 player, burn to CD, whatever:

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b) NBC INTERVIEW WITH MONROE MANN: If you didn't see it in the last email, check out this interview with Monroe Mann about  his feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King", an interview that aired on NBC in Maine this past summer:    (You can also watch a larger version of the raw footage on my youtube channel.

Romp on!

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