Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Guerrilla Networking" & General Update

Greetings to the RoMann Legion!

Behold the latest update on the rise of the RoMann Empire:

* GUERRILLA NETWORKING (and you!): First, Jay Conrad Levinson & I are now accepting story submissions for our new book, "Guerrilla Networking - A Proven Battle Plan to Attract the Very People You Want to Meet". Yes, this is your opportunity to GET PUBLISHED! The book is based on my school's philosophy that networking does NOT mean 'meeting people' but rather, 'becoming the type of person that OTHER people want to meet." For example, I didn't actively 'seek out' Jay Levinson as a friend and business partner; instead, I focused on becoming the type of person he would want to write a book with and hang out with. As a result, I am now doing just that. Make sense? There are many permutations of this formula, and that is what we are looking for: stories that prove our theory: that networking does not mean meeting people, but rather, becoming the type of person other people want to meet! Please send your SHORT queries to monroemann@aol.com

* THE THEATRICAL JUGGERNAUT, 2nd EDITION (Director's Cut): Guess what? It is now available! Everywhere. Drama Book Shop in Manhattan. Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Twice the size of the first edition, and ten times better. Yee haw! Pick up your copy today.

* MEM-CARDS, GETTING TO THE TOP - BASIC: Yes, these super handy and infinitely inspiring business cards--written by Monroe Mann (and created with Greg Cilmi, Tracy Ransome, and Michael Schreiber) are now available too! You can pick them up right now at Drama Book Shop, and shortly, from Amazon.com as well. The reviews so far are staggering. You'll love 'em!

* MY SHORT FILM, "ORIGAMI DEATHMATCH": just wrapped! In association with Screen Actors Guild, Inwood Boxing Academy, Vensius Productions, and Digital Film Academy, I am pleased to report that Loco Dawn Films is now in the editing room with one hilarious comedy---written, produced, directed, edited, and co-starring...moi, Monroe Mann. When you combine a cast of over 35 with a fast and furious international origami competition, you get one thing: more laughter than you are going to know what to do with. Origami Deathmatch: "Because sometimes, the only thing standing between you and glory... is a colored piece of paper." We are planning to have a final copy of this bad boy available for viewing by early December.

* MY FEATURE FILM, "IN THE WAKE". Origami Deathmatch is the first film I have directed with such ambitious logistics: affiliated with SAG; a cast of over 35 people; 12 different locations in three different cities; etc. Well (and I am pleasantly surprised and shocked) to have received email after email from the cast telling me that I am the most professional, courteous, dedicated, organized, and impressive director they have ever worked with. As a result, I have made the decision that I am probably going to direct my wakeboardng film, "In the Wake". On that note, the latest update is that while there has been much interest in the film from all the big agencies, and I am proud to report that I have developed relationships at every single one of them, no one agency has truly committed to helping me. So, I am changing course and making plans to shoot the film without a big name director. I just don't think the film needs it: I wrote the script, and I know the characters better than anyone, so who better than me to direct it. More importantly, it has become apparent in the last few weeks that I apparently also know how to direct a film pretty damn well. So, next step: get back in touch with my investors and tell them I am moving forward! I will keep you all posted. FYI, I am also now writing a feature film that I hope to shoot this February up in Maine. More to come...

* EDUCATION: For those who don't know, I am now a grad student at both Lubin School of Business (Pace University) and Western Carolina University. I am getting my MBA at Pace and my ME (Master of Entrepreneurship) at WCU. I also recently become certified as a Guerrilla Marketing Coach by Mitch Meyerson, Al Lautenslager, Jay Levinson, and Guerrilla Marketing International.

* MY BUSINESS SCHOOL: On that note of education, remember that I run a business school for artists (Unstoppable Artists Business School). If you or any of your friends are involved in the arts in any capacity, and are looking for that edge to get to the next level: look no further than Unstoppable Artists Business School. I offer the finest business, marketing, and financing class for artists on Thursdays, from 1 - 4PM in Manhattan, and I teach EVERY BUSINESS DISCIPLINE you need in order to succeed in the arts as an actor, musician, band, model, director, painter, photographer, etc. I also offer the finest one-on-one business coaching program for artists in the world. Call 1-888-YSTARDM or reply to this email for more information. Check out www.UnstoppableArtists.com for details as well. Free class audit every Thursday. RSVP today.

* LASTLY: I just wanted to let everyone know that my Uncle Milton tadpoles have arrived today. Yes, it is true: I now have two live tadpoles that are soon going to morph into friendly little froggies. Just thought I'd share that!

Hope you are all having a wonderful fall season, and I wish you the best in life and career. Go out there and make your dreams come true. It's hard, I know! But as I know firsthand, you can't even let a WAR get in the way. Just pick yourself up and find the strength to continue. And then... meet you at the TOP!

ROMP ON!-Monroe Mann