Saturday, July 15, 2006

Agent Smagent.

I finally sat down and did it. I called every agency in Ross Reports. And it worked. I have appointments with three so far. I had extended conversations with the heads of a number of them. Gersh wants to see the script and potentially rep me as an actor. Same with Innovative Artists. I spoke to and was asked to send info about me, the actor, directly to the heads of about ten of these agencies, i.e. Carole Russo of Agents for the Arts; Clay Smith at Independent Artists; Nancy Carson of Carson-Adler (who I spoke with for about 20 minutes), and the list goes on. Good stuff I tell you :) Damn exciting.

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killerbeez said...

I'm you'll get signed - as I imagine you will drop your pants the minute your prospective agent puts his hand on your knee.