Friday, October 12, 2007

Fwd: Kick-Ass Fall Update!

DATE: October 12th, 2007 
SUBJECT: Kick-Ass Fall Update!

(i.e. loyal fans of the RoMann Empire):
Hello My Loyal Fanbase!
Here's the latest and greatest.  And remember my dear friends, I am not bragging... just 'sharing the vibe' in an effort to bring you up to speed, and perhaps inspire you at the same time! : )
a) My new book, "Guerrilla Networking"--the one you have all been waiting for--the one I co-wrote with the famous Jay Conrad Levinson--is going to be officially released ON NOVEMBER 20th!  Please WAIT before purchasing it.  Jay Levinson, myself, my publisher, and the 20-odd contributors to the book are asking you to make your purchase at on November 20th... in an effort to rocket the book to number one on that day through an abundance of sales.  More instuctions to come.
b) Sold another book!  I am pleased to report that I signed the contract a few weeks ago with Entrepreneur Press for a new book called, "How to Start Your Own Motivational Coaching Business", based on the success I have had (and continue to have) with my own company, Unstoppable Artists.  So, now when people ask how good of a motivational business coach I am, I can say, "Well, I wrote the book on the subject..."
c) Origami Deathmatch Update: yes [Arthur!] the film is just about done!  We are finishing up editing in the next 6 weeks, and plan to have the first official screening of the film in mid December in Manhattan.  [Arthur Brown ( plays the role of Nicky in the film] For those who don't know, this is the first SAG film I directed, with 32 actors, and it was a blast.  It is super funny, and incidentally, I also wrote it, produced it, and co-starred in it.  The film is now up on, so you can check out the stellar cast online, and I look forward to inviting you to the premiere this December.  The website is
d) Brooklyn Gorilla: Super cool stuff.  I am now writing, producing, directing, and co-starring in an 'official' brand-new 15-minute spoof ending to the classic film from the 50s called, 'Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla'.  If you haven't seen it, watch it!  It's a movie that Christopher Guest said would be one of the five movies he would bring onto a desert island were he to get stranded.  I want to thank Sammy Petrillo himself (the co-star of the original, and star of this new ending) for helping to make this possible, and also my new friend David Kopple at Gersh Agency in LA for offering to promote and screen the film in Los Angeles once we shoot it at the end of a re-screening of the original film!  FYI, for those who don't know, Sammy Petrillo is the world's most famous Jerry Lewis impersonator, and was friends with Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, and the list goes on.  Do a google search for "Sammy Petrillo" and you'll see what a legend this guy is.  NOTE: I may be holding a screenwriting competition for the new ending.  Stay tuned.
 e) An Invitation: I am performing at Upright Citizen's Brigade this Sunday at 1PM (NOT 1:30, as I mentioned to some of you).  It's my level 201 graduation show, and if you're in the area, it's only $5, and you're guaranteed to laugh.  Address is 307 W 26th St, right off of 8th avenue, on the uptown side of the street.  Hope to see you there!  If not, I'll be in another show on Sunday, December 16th, and I hope you can catch that one.
f) My Band: Me being deployed to Iraq caused quite the upset for the band back in 2005, but I'm pleased to report that three songs we recorded back in 2003 are now on iTunes and CDBaby (search for Running for Famous), and two new songs are just about finished!  I am also restructuring the band into a smaller more manageable outfit, and am looking for a flutist, a violinist, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer who can play djembe, etc.  If you or anyone else you know is interested, send 'em my way. 

g) OTHER NEWS: In other news, my wakeboarding feature film, "In the Wake", drives on.  We've got a bunch of new investors on the horn, and we are still hoping to start principal photography in Orlando next fall.  The first draft of a new horror screenplay about Stephen King is finally finished, thanks to co-writers Ronnie Khalil and Bob Madia.   I have FINALLY finished logging the 76 hours of footage I shot in Iraq, and have begun editing together my comedy documentary about the war.  I did indeed start law school at Pace Law, crashing in on classes Mon- Thurs nights in White Plains, and I am LOVING it.  So awesome.  "Hello to the Pace Law 'Bowling' Team!"  I was also accepted into a PhD program in psychology which I plan to start this June after completing my current Masters of Entrepreneurship program this May.  Finally, I have begun a new book called "Learning How to Juggle - Time Management Skills of the Stars", and am pleased to welcome Lou Bortone ( as my co-author on 'Battle Cries for the HOLLYWOOD Underdog', and Faith Smith, CEO of the hugely successful, as my co-author on 'Battle Cries for the BOOTSTRAPPING Underdog'--both new books in my Battle Cries for the Underdog series (currently available).
All in all, things are going pretty well.  Thanks once again for your enduring support.  It means so much to me.  And if you care to receive inspiration, how-tos, and business tips about book publishing, show business, and music... go to and sign up to that email list as well.  Less about me, and more about YOU!
On that note, thank YOU again for YOUR support.  YOU are awesome. 
Sincerely YOURS,
Monroe Mann
Staff Publicist
The RoMann Empire 
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-Monroe Mann
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