Saturday, June 03, 2006

First Self-Help Book To Come Out Of Modern Combat!

First Self-Help Book To Come Out of Modern Combat.

Yes, believe it or not, I actually wrote a book while I was in Iraq.
The name of the book is Battle Cries for the Underdog—Fightin’ Words for an Extraordinary Life. It’ll be available on Amazon, BN, etc by the end of June. Keep searching for it!

What the heck is it about?

Basically, I took 100 motivational quotes from prominent people (Battle Cries) and coupled them with my own patented inspirational and action-oriented explanations (Fightin’ Words). Already the book has received much critical acclaim. Author Jay Levinson calls it ‘profound’. Author of Unstoppable, Cynthia Kersey, writes, “Monroe Mann inspires me and his book Battle Cries for the Underdog will inspire you too!”

How did I find the time to write it?

The question actually should be, ‘how did you survive the war’ and the answer is, ‘by escaping into the books I was writing, such as this one.’ Truly, writing became one of my only escapes while over there. It kept me going. It helped me to stay focused on the prize: COMING HOME. It helped me to remember that even though I was a military advisor to the 4th Iraqi Army by day, I was still in ‘the arts’ by night.

Can I get myself a copy now?!

The truth is… yes, you can. If you go to and click on ‘bookstore’ you will be able to buy my book now and get it shipped to you in a couple of days. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is currently a slight misprint which is not going to be corrected until mid-June. However, the two pages in question are merely reversed, and are only in the introduction, so if you think of it as a ‘limited edition collector’s item’ then perhaps buying it now would be a cool thing to do! Otherwise, you can wait until June 15th, OR wait until the end of June/early July when it will be available on Amazon,, etc.

Hey, I want to write a book, too!

Go for it! is a great publishing company. I love them. Mention my name and get a discount when you get started with them! If you need further help, check out my business school for artists:

Thanks for reading! ROMP ON!

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