Monday, November 26, 2007

We did it! # 1 Business Book in America!

Subject: We did it! # 1 Business Book in America!

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DATE: November 20th, 2007 
SUBJECT: We did it!  # 1 Business Book in America!
(i.e. loyal fans of the RoMann Empire):
Talk about being THANKFUL!  TO YOU!!
We did it!  Guerrilla Networking is # 1!
We have been the # 1 business book in America for the last 2 days!!
For some reason, the book isn't yet listed as a business book on Barnes & Noble (very weird) but the # 1 business book right now is Gitomer's Cha-Ching, ranked at #55, and well, Guerrilla Networking is at # 49.  So technically, we are # 1!

I LOVE technicalities.
If you haven't bought a copy yet, think of the BRAGGING RIGHTS you can have by saying, "Oh, I just bought the # 1 business book in America... BECAUSE MY FRIEND IS ONE OF THE AUTHORS."

If you HAVE bought a copy (thank you!), you can say, "Oh, THAT book?  I knew about it before it even was # 1, BECAUSE MY FRIEND IS ONE OF THE AUTHORS!  Here, I bought another copy for you, so you can catch up."
If you haven't yet, please visit today and order a copy of my new book Guerrilla Networking today (co-written with Jay Conrad Levinson)!  EVERY SALE COUNTS!  And you're gonna LOVE the book.
Thank you very much!
-Monroe Mann
P.S. - Spread the good word.  I am teaching a 2-day "Make Your Own Break/Be Your Own Manager"     business seminar for those in showbusiness, music, and publishing in Los Angeles on Sat, Jan 12th/Sun, Jan 13th.  Cost is $349 for the entire weekend.  Website is
On that note, thank YOU again for YOUR support.  YOU are awesome. 
Sincerely YOURS,
Monroe Mann
Staff Publicist
The RoMann Empire 
To contact Monroe Mann, either for comment or as a media interview, please call or email him. He is located in New York City, and available to the media.
**Remember... I'm the guy to call when you're ready to take control of your circumstances.** 
Call for a complimentary consultation, and yes, please, forward this email to your friends!
P.S. - We now have 22 members in the Juggernaut Club, in three countries, and in 12 cities.  Visit for more information.  We'd love you to join us!
-Monroe Mann
Founder, Unstoppable Artists, and the American Break Diving Association

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