Sunday, September 06, 2009

Monroe Mann's Inspiring Labor Day Update

September 6th, 2009


Yo Unstoppable One,

I hope you had (and are HAVING) an AWESOME labor day weekend!  You deserve a day off!

But seriously...


Labor Day 
(Noun) - 8 months after New Years when you finally realize you have not been doing as much as you thought you would, typically associated with a rekindling of your inner flame and a resolve to KICK SOME ASS AND STOP BEING SO LAZY during the last 4 months of the year.  

So without further ado, will you please GET OFF YOUR ASS and make your dreams come true already?


For about four years, I have unsuccessfully been applying to higher ed in an effort to become an adjunct professor.  Every semester I would receive the same response: no vacancies.  Ugh!

But what goes around comes around as they say.

First, about 4 years ago, I decided to become a member of the big brother big sister program.  I became the big brother to a freshman in high school whose mother doesn't care for him and whose father is less than an ideal role model.  He lives with his grandma, and has no father figure/big bro in his life.  So I became that for him.  I took him to the bronx zoo.  We went to Playland together.  Even today, as he begins his first semester at Westchester Community College (WCC), we go out and see a movie together maybe once a month. 
But I am getting ahead of myself.

Second, I resolved to continue to pursue my education and continue to accomplish cool things until I finally got hired.  Enter: MBA, Law School, Masters of Entrepreneuship, writing books, giving speeches, etc.  Sure, part of all that was an end in and of itself---it made me cooler and more successful--but it also made me more desirable to schools.

Now, about two months ago, my little bro Mike asked if I would take him to WCC to help him register for classes.  I said sure.  Little did I know that I would end up walking by human resources.  Little did I know that an epiphany would strike: GO IN AND GET HIRED!  The first time, I hit a dead end.  They said, "We have your resume on file."  Ugh.  The second time, the following week, I asked, "What file?"  They said, "The full-time professor file."  I said, "I don't want a full-time job.  I want an adjunct position."  "Oh," she said, "then you should reapply as an adjunct."  While I was there, I said, "Who makes these hiring decisions?"  She said, "The chairman of the department you're applying for."  "May I have the business chair's number please," I asked.  She gave me his secretary, and I called her right then and there.  She transferred me to the chair of the business department, and using my kick-ass sales skills, I managed to get an invitation for an interview then and there.  He asks, "Are you on campus right now?"  Even though I was in t-shirt and jeans, I said, "Yes Sir, I am, and I can be at your office in ten minutes for an interview; where should I meet you?"

Long story short: the meeting was a grand success.  When I told him I had a masters of entrepreneurship, he was so impressed.  He told me that of the hundreds of applicants, I was the only one who had the energy and enthusiasm he was looking for.  He wanted me to teach sales at first, but that fell through.  I was so bummed.  Once again, no vacancies.

But then, three weeks later--yes, good news coming!--I got an email from the chair of the department: they needed an adjunt to teach Intro to Business, and Human Resources Management.  Did I say yes?  


Ladies and gentlemen, your good buddy Monroe Mann is now officially a part of academia.   Is now officially a college business professor.  Is now officially employed in the job of his dreams.  Why the job of my dreams?  Well, as I always say, to reach your dreams, you need a source of income that is FFF, i.e. Fun, Flexible, and Financially Rewarding.  I LOVE teaching and inspiring people and I love business; the job is flexible in that it's only twice a week, and I get some paid sick days, and finally, WCC is one of (if not THE) highest adjunct pay rates in the country.  I am getting paid a lot of money for very little of my time.  Translation: more money to put into my career in the arts. :)

a) continue to better yourself no matter how many times you get turned down.  If you are better and better every time you apply, you are eventually going to get picked.
b) what goes around comes around: 4 years of applications and resumes got me nowhere.  Then, it's because I am helping my 'little brother' that I end up getting an interview for the job I had been seeking all along.  GO FIGURE.  But this is why I try to help as many people as I can---it always comes back to me.  Maybe not immediately, but doing the right thing always gives a very high return on investment.


a) TIME ZEN - My new book on time management is going off to the publisher on Wednesday!  NOTE: I am selling $200 longevity ads in the back of the book.  Want anyone who reads the book to read about what you are doing or selling for an entire year for only $200?  CALL ME OR EMAIL ME>

b) PPM DRAFT - I am 75% done with the fundraising documents for my feature horror film, "The Quiet" shooting in Maine, I plan, this spring/summer.  So excited!

c) NEW APARTMENT - I just moved into a super cool new apartment in White Plains, New York.  If any of you want my mailing address, let me know!

d) SEMINARS GALORE - My seminars at 36 Street Studio have been such a success that they are bringing me in twice a month now indefinitely.  Next one: Guerrilla Networking, and then, Personal Financial Management!

e) STARTED UP LAW SCHOOL AGAIN - I started up my last year of law school this past week.  I am taking Real Estate Transactions, Advanced Contracts, Family Law, and Trial Advocacy (i.e. how to represent someone in court).  LOVE IT SO MUCH!  I have also applied for my Masters of Law in Real Estate, which I would start as soon as I get my law degree this May and take the bar in July. 

f) NEW FILM SCHOOL CLASS STARTED - I started my 4th Actors Film School session this past Saturday.  I am SO stoked.  My film school is such a success.  If you're interested, more info is below.

g) SALESFORCE.COM -- I have started using a new sales tool called Salesforce for my client and lead management.  It is AMAZING.  If you are trying to sell something--anything--and you are not using Salesforce, you might want to consider it.  It's awesome.

h) MY IRAQ DOCUMENTARY -- I edited 5 more hours of footage this past month, and am pleased to report that I think I might have a rough cut by the end of next summer.  Gosh, I have SO much footage.

i) NEED YOUR HELP!  -- There's an idiot who posted a horrible and inaccurate review about my book To Benning and Back on  In his review, he admits that he didn't even finish the book---and the whole point of the book is a coming of age journey of how I changed from basic training to becoming an officer in the Army.  Meanwhile, there are over 20 5-star reviews of the book, but this 1-star review is the one that everyone sees because so many people have voted it as being 'helpful'.  Will you PLEASE go to and find EVERY 5-STAR REVIEW and click 'helpful'.  But ONLY for the 5-star reviews.  Do NOT post helpful or not helpful for the 1-star review.  That will only serve to keep it at the top.  In other words, I want the 5-STAR REVIEWS to be marked are more helpful than that distorted 1-star review.  THANK YOU!


Have you still not visited and  Come on!  Your future is waiting, and I am eager to help you get there! 

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If you are interested in joining the next class, starting this fall, for only $2495, please contact me.  Yes, I do offer payment plans.  Check out all the details at   And P.S. - yes, the film festival rocked.  A huge success.  So happy!!

Thanks for all your support!  I couldn't do what I do if it weren't for you.  (Hey, that rhymes--that's my new song.  No one can take that title!!!! I claim it as my own. :)

P.S. - Check out my new Time Management Program; my Actors Film School short film program; and my career, financial, and marketing coaching program.  Remember: if you'd like to chat with me (at no charge) for 20 minutes about your particular situation, I would be more than happy to do so.  Call me!  646.764.1764 (c) and 914.481.1641 (o).

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