Monday, June 22, 2009

Origami Deathmatch Submitted to Sundance!

I just submitted Origami Deathmatch to Sundance.  I found this odd category which the film seems to fit perfectly: Park City at Midnight.  I was submitting two of my more recent films to Sundance and then found this category and thought, "Hey, why not submit Origami!"  Check out the description here:
It's basically a forum for odd, strange, and over the top films, comedies included.  It's a non-competitive category, but would help to gain some further exposure for the film.  Even if we don't get selected (which is very very likely), they promise that the film will be watched from beginning to end, so we'll all at least maybe make another fan in whomever watches the film. 
For those who don't know, the film is still viewable and downloadable from  You can download the Quicktime file to your computer, and then, use an editing program to grab your particular scenes, and you can then add the material to your reel.  Please continue to send your friends and fans to watch your work at
Finally, I started a film school last year, that is now moving into its 4th class section. The next short film program starts in late August and the very first FEATURE FILM program starts in September.  In both programs, you not only write and direct, but also co-star in the film.  I am so excited about the feature film program.  If you're interested, or know someone who might be, let me know!
All my best,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So, what are my client up to lately?

June 19th, 2009

I am so very proud of all my clients/students, and here are some recent updates on what some of them are up to these days.  Most impressively, I want to send a big shout out to Bill Roulston, whose travel documentary premieres on the Travel Channel this weekend!  He's been working on it for over 5 years, and now it's on TV!  Hooah! 

(Note: Bill's update is first; all the others are listed in the order I received them, i.e. no particular order.  Congrats to each of you for continuing to make your dreams come true.  KEEP ON ROMPING ON!  NO RULES. NO EXCUSES.  NO REGRETS.)

BILL ROULSTON: His travel documentary, Dream Riders, premieres on the Travel Channel this Saturday, June 20th, 8pm and midnight (Eastern), and also Sunday, June 21, 10am.  He writes, "Monroe, I don't know if I would have come up with the concept or had the vision and persistence to see it through without your encouragement. So thanks. If you get a chance to see it you'll find you're listed in the credits."  Check out

LARRY WARREN: Writes, "My wife and I have been living with infertility for 12 years and now I'm using that experience to coach other couples through it. I am writing a book that will take these couples through a 7 step process to help them regain control of their lives, experience more joy, dream again and build stronger relationships with those around them. I just completed my 10 year business plan with Monroe and am in the process of updating my website to reflect my new focus. Please visit to learn more.

JOE COSTA: Joe Costa has been jumping from corporate video production to corporate video production.  He's just finished a five-part interstitial series for a nation-wide conference and is now in pre-production for an insurance brand video and two music videos.  He got a call back audition for a McDonald's commercial and still finds the time to trade Options, Forex and Stock Futures.

JAY PAINTER: Jay Painter is glad to be back home in New York after a 70 city major national tour and an Off-Broadway run performing Shakespeare and Homer with Aquila Theatre Company.   He is the co-founder of Friday Night Face-Off, Long Island's longest running/funniest improv comedy show and after 7 years of sold out shows is making it legit.  Jay and his partner in comedy Eric Robinson are forming Face-Off Unlimited LLC - a comedy based production company currently marketing their brand new improv show to cruise lines and other venues as well as producing commercials for a soon to be launched internet TV network.

RYAN WHITE: Writes, "I'm shooting video of NYC's Fashion elite and Producing web video for  I'm taking on large construction projects with my company Formula Contractors LLC with my partner Shawn.  I'm working with an Emmy award winning screenwriter on a fantastic short movie script."

DEBBIE BORDELON: Writes, "My newest project is promoting the movie: 20 Something by Antonio Jeraci.  I have been doing quite a bit of research and I have found an interesting website for Indie film makers: Big Star TV  This site features a monthly contest ($1000 prize) and filmmakers can showcase their work for visitors to buy or rent their films."

LARISSA JAYE: Singer-songwriter Larissa Jaye is thrilled to announce the pending summer arrival of her debut album, New Leaves Over.  She also just returned from Denver, CO, where she graduated from Rhonda Britten's Fearless Living Institute as a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach, and received the high honor of an award entitled "Growth with Integrity".  Aside from her roster of private coaching clients across the country, Larissa facilitates ongoing groups and one-day workshops (next one this Saturday, 6/20) in NYC.

JENNIE VIEIRA: Jennie Vieira is writing a training manual on Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists, working on a website, and taking clients at her new practice: Blossom Massage for Women in Portland, Maine. Look for her on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire next season!  Jennie Vieira, LMT Blossom Massage for Women 97 Newbury Street Portland, Maine 04101 (207) 775-2004

ALICE BISMUT:  Writes, "I am in Israel, editing my comic mini series.  You can watch a clip (the 'rap' is still in development, haha) at:  I also just became certified as a Guerilla Marketing coach 2 days ago.  Finally, my one woman stage show in Tel Aviv 2 weeks ago was a resounding success."

MONROE MANN: Writes, "I couldn't resist sharing some of my news as well.  Please indulge me, haha.  I'm stoked that my new book, "Time Zen" will be released mid-summer.  I'm pleased to report I will be hitting the stage again in a few weeks performing some music in Brooklyn.  And my long anticipated time management program called "Accountability School" has launched, and the first class starts on July 1st.  Check it out at ROMP ON!"

Thank you for supporting my clients/students by reading this email.  They would all love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch and congratulate them personally!  And of course, if you are interested in speaking with me (Monroe) for 20 minutes about your life, career, and business, and how I may be able to help, lemme know!

Oh, and by the way, I am starting The Actors Film School 'feature film project' this September.  If you would like to join 8 - 12 other ambitious showbiz dynamos, and together, write, produce, direct, STAR IN, edit, and distribute a feature film over the course of one year, let me know.  It's gonna be a wild wild ride.  Cost is tentatively $1000 for AFS grads; $2000 otherwise.  Half of your tuition goes to Actors Film School; the other half goes into a joint bank account for our new production company---a new Limited Liability Company that we create of which you are a part owner.  Cool, right?  If you want to learn every aspect of feature film making, both in front of the camera, behind the camera, and off the camera, and actually make a feature film in the process, this is the course for you!  Call me.  Space is limited. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Monroe Mann, ME, GMC
(JD/MBA, May 2010)

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bright star bright star bright star bright star bright star
by Joyce Korbin on 05/26/2009
I am chair of a program called AFTRA@WORK It is part of the A.F.T.R.A. union. Monroe has been a guest speaker several times and he is always rated a 10. His caring and sharing are unique. I would have him back anytime...I also consider him a friend.
bright star bright star bright star bright star bright star
by Marcia Harp on 05/20/2009
There is something so special and wonderful about Monroe Mann and Unstoppable Artists. I have been inspired by this man..his expertise, talent, knowledge, wisdom, motivation and driving influence! Monroe instills courage and forward movement in all he encounters..I am blessed to have been able to work with this incredible human being!!!

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Need Some Inspiration? And meet my new client!

Need Some Inspiration?
June 5, 2009

But First, Three Quick Reviews About Unstoppable Artists & Monroe Mann
bright star bright star bright star bright star bright star
by Joyce Korbin on 05/26/2009
I am chair of a program called AFTRA@WORK It is part of the A.F.T.R.A. union. Monroe has been a guest speaker several times and he is always rated a 10. His caring and sharing are unique. I would have him back anytime...I also consider him a friend.
bright star bright star bright star bright star dimmed star
by Eric Dawson on 05/18/2009
Monroe truly helps you start taking the necessary actions today to achieve your dreams tomorrow. He was able to do this for me at a very reasonable price and if you need that push to bring yourself to the next level, he is your man. I accomplished more in the 5 weeks that we worked together than I had in the previous 6 months. For me, the main outcome in my day-to-day life has been taking immediate actions on ideas and actually "doing" rather than "planning" to do something someday. I have Monroe to thank for that. As entrepreneurs the inspiration to keep pushing can be hard to find at times. Keeping this in mind, I started a blog that seeks to share pieces of inspiration that I have come across which help me push through. Monroe was one of the first people I featured - check it out here:
bright star bright star bright star bright star dimmed star
by Kris Keppeler on 05/08/2009
Monroe is a great inspiration. Just reading about all the things he's got going reminds me I need to jump up and get things done.


Hey Folks!

GET OFF YOUR ASS!  That's your first bit of inspiraiton.  It's called: 'stop being lazy, okay'?

So, I've got a LOT of great and inspiring things to share in this email, so please, if you want a pick me up, keep on reading!


This is a cool story.  A few weeks ago, I was honored with the privilege of speaking to about 45 members of the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) on the subject of "Guerrilla Networking".  Not only was that a thrill, but now, I am pleased to report that one of the attendees, Juliet L Packer, is now a client.  And what a client: Juliet has won four--count 'em---FOUR WGA awards for All My Children.  She has also received four--yep, FOUR--Emmy nominations for As The World Turns.  In fact, for 25 years she wrote for the soaps.  Pretty impressive.  She has also written for a number of episodic television shows, animated shows, and of course, daytime.  She is also currently on the Board of Directors of the National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences.  Right now, she has completed a pilot for what I think is going to be one of the most novel television dramas in years---together, Juliet and I are working on gaining sponsors, gaining attachments, and pitching the show to the various networks.  Fun stuff.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS JULIET!  You're awesome.  You can contact Juliet via her production company, or via email:  If any of you have affiliations with animals in any way, I suggest you contact her.  She'll explain why.


Second, for those of you who have been following me for years, you know what a big step forward this is for me and my company.  I started out teaching a class on how to break into student films in 1999, and today, I am teaching members of the world famous Writer's Guild how to become better networkers.  In 1999, I was charging $50 an hour, and had TWO clients (Chris Lucas and David Marcus!) and today, I make $125 an hour and I have over 220 clients, and heck, now one of them is a 4-time Emmy nominee who has won 4 WGA awards.  My oh my, I am awe-struck and there is a smile a mile wide on my face.  Look how far I have come!  Is this awesome or what?!

So what's my point?  My point is that it has taken me NINE YEARS to get to this point, and the journey hasn't really even begun.  My point is that those big dreams in your head aren't going to come true 'overnight', but if you stick with it through thick and thin, your dreams can and ARE GOING to come true.  Don't give up people!  Don't slack off!  Keep up the fight; keep up the battle; keep up the momentum.  Whenever you are feeling down, or feeling like it's just not worth it, know this: I AM ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU, THINKING OF YOU, ROOTING FOR YOU, IN THE RING WITH YOU DAMNIT! 


And I should mention something else.  You know how I got the speaking gig at WGA?  It's because I spoke at AFTRA.  How did I speak at AFTRA?  Because I was introduced to Joyce Korbin, who books speakers.  How did that happen?  I was invited onto the set of my client, Jeff Goldstein--he had all of 52nd street closed down by the police in order to shoot a scene in one of his films and invited me down to watch.  While there, he remembered that I always told my clients how much I wanted to speak at the unions.  He remembered.  Joyce, who was one of his actors, was there.  He introduced me. 

So, first off, thank you to Jeff Goldstein.  If it weren't for the fact that I continually kept telling everyone I meet that I wanted to speak at the unions, it never would have happened.  If it weren't for the fact that Jeff is so generous with his contacts and genuinely wants to see others in the business succeed, it never would have happened.  As they say, what goes around comes around.  I want you all to check out his blog,  I think you'll find it more than amusing.  :)
Want more inspiration?  Keep on reading!

If you haven't yet heard about the $70 zombie film that is wowing everyone at Cannes, click here.  My awesome comic friend and screenwriting partner Ronnie Khalil ( shared this story with me.  We are shooting our Stephen King horror film this fall/winter up in Maine, and he's always looking out for our budget.  Go Ronnie.  And to all you people with big dreams reading this (that should be everyone, by the way), let this story be an inspiration to you to STOP COMING UP WITH EXCUSES!  Remember my break diving creed: No Rules, No Excuses, No Regrets.  Don't just learn it.  LIVE IT BABY!


Three years ago today, I was 28 years old, and deciding whether it would make sense to do this joint JD/MBA program at Pace University.  I was thinking, "Do I really want to do this?  That's FOUR YEARS.  I'm gonna be 32 by the time I graduate.  Yuck!"  I really hesitated.  I'm glad I didn't because--oh my oh my, I can't believe it--I am nearly done!   In less than 12 months, I will not only have my MBA in Finance, but--CRAZINESS--I'll be taking the bar exam!  I am going to be an entertainment attorney!  IS THAT COOL OR WHAT?!!
Folks, time FLIES!  Yeah, I am going to be 32 next year, but ya know what?  I still feel like I am 23 years old!  And now, instead of being just another 32 year old with big dreams, I'm gonna be a 32 year old with big dreams... and a law degree...  and an MBA.  Ummmm, that just might come in handy, haha. 

Think of your own life, five to ten years in the future.  Would it be cool if you were a doctor?  A published author.  A school teacher.  A lecturer.  What?  Get out of your comfort zone and THINK LONG TERM people!  Stop making your decisions based on tomorrow; make your decisions based on where you want to be TEN YEARS FROM NOW.

Yabba Dabba Do---my time management and project accountability school is just about ready to launch.  The website isn't launched yet, but you'll be able to find it at both and in a few weeks.

BUT... I am not waiting that long to get started.  I already have 3 people registered, and I wanted to see who else might be interested in getting started right now.

The cost is under $300 for three months.  What do you get?
* 2 thirty-minute accountability calls with me, Monroe Mann
* 3 group calls, one each month, to get feedback from other students
* Access to the online message board, where you are required to post your plans and strives for each month
* 3-month free access to my brand new proprietary time management software
* a FREE pre-publication version of my new time management book, "Time Zen", that outlines what my time management system is all about

Bottom line, the course will run for about $250, and will include use of my new online time management software, plus monthly meetings with your support group (of which I will be a part).  I guarantee that you will get more done during these three months than you have in the last year combined.  Try it!  Not only will the course help you think big, but you'll also GET IT DONE.


In other news, I just wanted to let you know that:
* I am still creating an 'investor opportunity' group, i.e. a group of those who are interested in investing in showbusiness and entrepreneurial projects that I come across.  You don't need a lot to invest (many opportunities can be secured for only $100/share, with no minimum shares), so if you have any interest at all, just reply to me with your full name, and what state you live in, and I will add you to the list and provide you with more information as opportunities develop.
* I am nearly done writing my stand up comedy act, and will let you know when I am performing so you can come laugh with me, not at me.  Same goes for a bunch of musical open mics I am going to be performing at.
* My new book, "Time Zen - the shortest and most effective time management book ever written" is done, and I hope to have it available for you to read by mid summer!

* If you're trying to purchase "Guerrilla Networking" and can't find the book, it's because Jay and I are switching publishers.  The 2nd edition will be available by the beginning of July.  Hang tight!
* Ronnie and I are going to begin casting our feature-length horror film this summer.  It will be SAG Ultra Low Budget.  It's about time!

* Will you kindly write a review about Unstoppable Artists and/or Monroe Mann?  You can do so by clicking here:

* Please be sure to click on 'update my profile' or something like that at the bottom of this email.  There are lots of new lists you can join that you might find interesting, so please make sure you are on the lists that you want to receive.
Okay, talk soon everyone!  Thanks for all your support, and I hope this information was helpful for you.


P.S. - Call or email to set up your free consultation to discuss your career, your business, your marketing strategies, your financial situation, your time management skills, your dreams, and your goals.  In return for my 20-minutes, I ask that you hear my own pitch regarding how I might be able to help you.   My offfice number is 914-481-1641, and my cell is 646-764-1764.  Call me!


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