Thursday, March 26, 2009

Laughing; Watch our latest films; Testimonials; How to Raise Money!!

Hey hey everyone,
First off, do this: I want you to give a hearty belly laugh for 60 seconds.  Yes, 60 full seconds of ho ho hos, ha ha ha, and hee hee hees.  Do it right now, and then come back and I'll explain why you just did that.
Okay, if you did what I asked, and laughed for a full 60 seconds, then you are out of breath right now, right?  And your heart is beating faster.  And you can feel the blood running through your veins.  You may even feel a little light headed.  And most importantly, you probably feel a lot better, and have a whole lot more energy, right?

I read about this the other day in a book called, "A Whole New Mind", and the point is that doing 60 seconds of laughing gets your heart beating just as fast as if you did ten minutes on a rowing machine.  And don't you feel great? So do it once, twice, three times a day!  You'll be glad you did.
Second: Watch our latest films at!  The second Actors Film School class is DONE, and the four films are now available for viewing as part of the AFS Online Film Festival. =2 0They are as follows:
"Open Call" by Caroline Poppell
"808 Latin Heist" by Monroe Mann
"Dear John" by Curtis Nielsen (Will be up early April)

The coolest part?  We all act in each other's films!  So you'll see my smiling mug in all the films, as well as the mugs of each of the other filmmakers.  And this summer, I am planning to unveil the Unstoppable Artists Film Festival in Manhattan, and each of these great films will be screened there, in addition to those submitted by the public that qualify.  More info coming soon.
NOTE: There is room for one more student in the next AFS class starting on April 18th.  Rebecca Thomas and Carl Kelsey have already registered and we're looking for one more ambitious smiling face!  Do you want to be a part of the NEXT AFS film festival?  Join the class today and I'll make sure yo u finish your film and get it up there!
Third: You have GOT to read some of these testimonials from past students.  Here are three from the latest class:

Testimonial # 1: by TONY JERACI - Class of January 2009
His Film: "Hummusity in Desperate Times"

"Actor's Film School is truly one of the most unique film schools out there.  I have yet to find a more rigorous eight-week program that will teach you all the essentials of do-it-yourself filmmaking.  Small classes that provide close attention and hands-on learning was the best part.  Also, after completing four shorts in two months, you'll feel confident to pursue that feature film you've been holding on to.  I can't stress it enough: after this class, you will know how to be (and if you want to be) a filmmaker.  Monroe's class covers it all, from the early stages of pre-production through the final elements of post.  Whether you're a novice filmmaker looking to learn the basics, or someone who's worked on films before but wants to get four short films under his/her belt, then I highly recommend taking this class."
Testimonial # 2: by CURT NIELSEN - Class of January 2009
His Film, "Dear John"

As an actor, I've had no better, in-depth training in the medium of film than Actors Film School.  While directing, shooting and editing my own film, I analyzed the different takes of my own performance. I realized the power and limits of the camera, lighting, and angles, and how to most effectively enhance the power of my acting. I've learned what the editor needs, and what makes the director thrill -- because I've worn all those hats in completing my own film and working on those of my classmates.  And, through Actors Film School, I've had the good fortune of working with people who've completed their own highly regarded films and shared their invaluable expertise.  Where else can an actor gain that confidence and on-camera training so affordably and quickly (and have so much fun doing it?) I put a star in my pocket with the Actors Film School experience and would recommend it to anyone who may considering it.

CAROLINE POPPELL - Class of January 2009
Her Film: "Open Call"

I would definitely recommend this course to someone who wanted to learn the basics of making a movie.  This course has not only given me the ability to make a feature, but I now have the confidence.  Stay tuned for my feature- "Risk-Free Departure" in 2010!

Read more testimonials at

Fourth: Trying to raise money?  The other day, it dawned on me how much I have learned about money and fund raising and all that.  This is what I wrote to a few of my closest filmmaking buddies:
"Hey Boys & Girls

So excited.  In a couple weeks, I am going to be a securities expert.  For the last few weeks, I have been studying like a dog everything I can find on Reg D, PPMs, Form U-7, SCORs (small company offering memorandums).  I've been talking to my law professors.  And this May, I am taking my Securities Law course at school.  I have over the last couple of days also been talking to various securities attorneys.  Finally, I have started to become intimately familiar with every possible federal and state form necessary to legally raise money, EASILY.  I kid you not.  It was really complicated at first, but now, I am starting to fully understand it--and damn, it's really awesome.  On Monday, I am speaking with the securities divisions in both NY and CA, because even if you can avoid the SEC (which we can), you often still must complete Form D, and submit it via EDGAR (gov't da tabase) to each state in which you plan to raise money.  I also still have a $5000 retainer with a securities attorney in Los Angeles (long story) who has been helping me along the way to understand everything---long story why I gave this attorney $5000, but ultimately, it is now proving to pay off nicely.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that my gut feeling is that by the end of April, I am going to be a fund-raising expert.  I am going to be a fund-raising machine.  And most importantly, I think my knowledge is going to serve us all.  And as for me... it's time to raise that money I need for my first feature film. :)
The point of that email is that fund-raising comes down to only ONE thing, and it's a simple five letter word.  That word is TRUST.  Notice that I underlined it, put it in italics, AND bolded it?  That's how important that word is.  
They key to raising money is eliciting TRUST from your potential investors.  You need to--as quickly as possibly--impress upon people that you can be trusted; that you are not going to abscond with their money; that you more so than anyone else has the highest likelihood of bringing back not only their money, but a RETURN on their money.
That is one reason why I am in law school and business school: those degrees instill trust. 
That is one reason why I am learning all about regulation D, rule 504 private placements--not only what they are, but how to write them up myself: presenting a private placement prospectus in front of an investor instills trust.
That is one reason why I continue to make short films: the more of them I do, the better filmmaker I become, and that too instills trust.
Get my point?  You need to do whatever possible to get people to trust you with their money.  If they believe that money in your hands is an investment (rather than charity), you will find your money.  Heck, your money WILL FIND YOU. 
Funny story: I taught a Guerrilla Networking workshop the other day at AFTRA.  In the first 5 minutes, 6 people left.  The remaining 60 or so stayed until the end.  Afterwards, Joyce Korbin (who runs the program) told me, "Do you know why those 6 people left?  They said it was all about you, and that you were talking about all your accomplishments."  On one hand, perhaps I do sometimes go on about myself, BUT... I was trying to establish credibility and trust.  And I imagine that is precisely why the other 60 people STAYED.  On one hand, sure, perhaps I can make the beginning of the seminar more about 'them', but the whole point of Guerrilla Networking is 'becoming the type of person other people want to meet'---and20that's what I was trying to do.
Fund Raising Lesson # 1: you are never going to please everyone, so don't try.  I would rather please 60, and piss off 6, than be boring to all 66 people, right?  So be true to yourself and say it like it is.
Fund Raising Lesson # 2: don't be afraid to tell people about your accomplishments.  Yes, some people are going to think that you are bragging, but most will be impressed by what you have done, and subsequently trust you even more--and thus potentially invest in your projects.
Fund Raising Lesson # 3: don't be a beggar; be an entrustor, i.e. be someone that investors will want to entrust their money to.  Look around.  Does your prospectus instill trust?  Heck, do you even have a prospectus?  Do you even know the difference between a prospectus and a business plan? (FYI, a business plan is an internal document to get a loan or to run the company; a prospectus is an external document used in conjunction with a security offering.)  Does your background make people want to invest in you?  Have you DONE anything that would make people trust in you?
Fund Raising Lesson # 4: learn about private placements.  Especially regulation d, rule 504.  Did you know that in most situations, if you are raising money from people who are not actively involved in the operation of the company, then it is not 'fund-raising' but rather a 'securities offering'?  Yes, you are selling stock, and if you do not comply with some very stringent rules, you could be guilty of illegally selling securities---not cool!  :)  So learn what you can about private placements now---once you do, not only will you be 'legal', but you will have all the tools you need to raise money efficiently, and professionally---cause when you present a properly created Private Placement Prospectus, it screams, "This guy knows what he's doing."

Fund Raising Lesson # 5: ask everyone!  The person you ask may be able to invest.  If not, that person may know someone else who is able to invest.  If not, maybe someone else will overhear you talking and is able to invest.  Get the point?  Here's my point, in case you missed it: you meet and interact with on average 100 people each day.  Instead of just paying the cashier and giving the mailman your mail, tell them what you are doing, and that you are seeking investors.  You might surprise yourself with how 'well connected' you already are.
Bonus Fundraising Lesson: investors invest in people, not projects.  It doesn't matter how great your script is, or your music, or your business idea; what matters is YOU, and YOUR track record, and the track record of the people who make up your team.  If you don't have the skills, then get those who DO on board your team, and add their bios t o your prospectus.  People invest in people; not projects.  Never forget that.
Meet you at the top!
P.S. - The next Actors Film School class starts on Saturday, April 18th, and there is only ONE more spot remaining.  Check out for more info, and if you're interested in career and financial coaching, check out

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An Excerpt From My New Novel

Here is a brief excerpt from a novel I am writing as part of my 'no plot, no problem' novel writing kit.  It's just a tidbit, but it gives you an idea.  Enjoy:


And here I am now, with a pistol to this man's head.  A man with whom I had once served with in combat.  He didn't know me, per se.  Perhaps in passing.  But just knowing that he might recognize me—might recognize me for the double-crossing snake I am—sickens me.  I am so ashamed of myself.
            And yet, am I?  Look at what I have become.  At first, it was just some passing of confidential battle rosters.  But soon I was planting bugs on my superiors; leaking mission departure times and mission locations; and now, using my combat skills on t he ground, in a war against my own people.  Disgusting is the only word I can come up with, and yet, expedient and a shrug of the shoulders come to mind as well: we all gotta do what we gotta do.  The only problem is that I have been doing this now for so long that I have forgotten that it is wrong.  It is now my life.  It is now who I am.  And I fear that I could never go back.  What would my daughter think if she knew the truth?

(c) 2009 by Monroe Mann, All Rights Reserved

Monday, March 02, 2009

So... how do you know when you've given it your all?

Hey Unstoppable Ones,

Last night, I was reading Robert Kiyosaki's book, "Increase Your Financial IQ".

He writes, "You can quit when you win, but never quit when you're losing... You
first must solve the problem in front of you."

It reminded me of something I often tell my clients, "Don't tell me you don't
want to be famous. You are NOT famous, so how can you yourself know what it
feels like? Maybe you'll love it!"

I go on to tell them, "So your best strategy is to become famous first, as
quickly as possible, and then---once you are indeed famous and actually know
what it feels like---only then make the decision whether you want to be famous."

This further reminded me of something else I tell my clients (and myself), "How
do you know when you've given it your all? ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED."

Well, just like you, I too have my doubts sometimes, and am sometimes confused
about what to do, or I know what to do, but am impatient because I want it NOW.
For instance, right now, I am in law school---for another year and a half! And
then I have to take the bar exam. I am sick of school! I am ready to reap the
rewards already! I am ready to shoot the feature films I have written, and get

But remember what Kiyosaki wrote above, "You can quit when you win, but never
quit when you're losing... You first must solve the problem in front of you."
Right now, my problem is law school. And I need to suck it up and drive on
because I know that in the end, it will have been worth all the effort. That it
will have been worth the time expended. That it will have been worth the
$120,000 I am spending to attend. That as a result of my sacrifices now, in the
long term, I am going to be wealthy and successful beyond my wildest dreams: as
an attorney; as a filmmaker; as an actor; as a musician; as an artist.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Well, I want YOU to sacrifice on your own
journey to the top as well. When you see an opportunity that may set you back
in the short term, but will make you successful in the long term, I want you to
jump. I want you to pounce. I don't want you to think; you need to ACT.

On that note, here are a few things going on this month at Unstoppable Artists
that I hope you will take advantage of:

a) I am giving a free workshop at AFTRA on the 17th, from 6 - 8PM, either on
raising money for projects, or being your own manager. Come on down!

b) On March 28th starts the next Actors Film School 8-week course. Isn't it
time you learn how to produce and STAR IN your own films? Cost is only $1895
(with down payment of only $400 and 10 monthly payments of only $149.50), or you
can pay a flat-fee of $1595 paid up front. Call me! Don't let financing get in
the way of learning how to take control of your career! Note that you can watch
the films from the last class now at
The current class is editing their films now in the editing room, and they will
will be posted online for you to see in about two weeks.

c) For those in Los Angeles, I am considering putting together a 10-day
intensive version of Actors Film School for this summer. Lemme know if you're
interested, and I will add you to the list.

d) I continue to offer my flagship 5-week career and business coaching program
for $925 (with payment plan) or $750 (paid up front), and also my 3-week
jumpstart program for $475 (with payment plan) or $375 (paid up front). Call
for a free 20-minute career consultation.

e) You already know that I am an acclaimed published author. Have you read my
books? Have you read the Drama Book Shop bestseller, "The Theatrical Juggernaut
- The Psyche of the Star"? How about the Barnes & Noble bestseller, "Guerrilla
Networking" with Jay Levinson? Or "Battle Cries for the Underdog"? They are
all available now, and they will certainly help you on your journey.

Thanks for reading. Please forward this email to your friends! And I look very
much forward to meeting you ... AT THE TOP! (and in my film school, and as a
client, too!)

-Monroe Mann

Oh yeah! My client/student Anne-Marie Stefani in Maxim!!

Our newest celebrity interview is up at!

Hey hey everyone,

How exciting is this?!
Right this very second, brighten your day, and watch my beautiful client, former student, and close friend Anne-Marie Stefani (who is now a dancer with the NY Jets Flight Crew) starring in a super sexy 5-minute workout video on  Watch her take Maxim through the hot NY Jets Flight Crew workout!

When Anne-Marie was just about 18 years old, I was 23, and she and I met when we both decided to take a soap opera acting class in New York City.  I fell madly in love, hit on her constantly, and well, after repeatedly being shot down even after getting down on one knee before deploying to Iraq (so heartbroken), I realized that I still had to remain friends with this amazing girl despite my unrequited crush.  I'm sure glad I did, because ultimately, she and her then boyfriend (now husband--sorry guys!) took my five-week business and marketing career course for actors.  We became even closer friends, I ended up at her wedding (jealous as can be, haha!), and most recently, last year, she made the cut as one of the elite members of the NY Jets Flight Crew, and I was so proud of her.   Yes, the official dance team for the football team, the NY Jets.  And now, she's made it to Maxim. Wow.
Now, how did I help her out?  This is what she writes about me and how I helped her get where she is today, "I became an Unstoppable Artist after attending his school in 2003. Since then Monroe and I have always stayed in touch. He is always there to lend a helping hand, because he WANTS TO SEE YOU AT THE TOP! His course showed me how to drive forward and succeed. I learned to take risks and never give up on my dreams. If you take Monroe's class, then I will see YOU at the top!" -- Anne-Marie Stefani
Back then, all I had was my course, and a whole lot less experience.  Today, at 31 wise years of age, not only do I still teach workshops (come see me at AFTRA on March 17th), but I also run a full-fledged film school for those who want to learn how to produce their own projects.  Beyond that, I also work ONE-ON-ONE with clients to put together bang-up five year marketing, financial, and business career plans---for actors, artists, directors, entrepreneurs, authors, and musicians.  So yeah, I can help you put together your dreams too! 
Ready to get started?  Call me for a free consultation: 914-481-1641..

Want more info?  Feel free to check out more testimonials at both and also
Still hesitating?  Work with me already!  Let me help you!  I am at your service!  I can help you like no one has ever helped you before, and I guarantee you will never find anyone quite like me to add to your team.  Not only have I helped Anne-Marie with her career from a business, marketing, and career standpoint, but come next year, I have plans to become her entertainment attorney as well (and she's excited about my plans too!)  And how exciting is this: you too can have me in your corner.  The sooner you bring me on board, the more likely I will be able to help you out.  It's easy: just get started today in one of three different ways:
a) Enroll in my most amazing 8-week (Saturdays-only) film school program starting on March 28th for only $1875 (via affordable payment plan) or $1500 if paid for up front.
b) Become a coaching client of mine for $750 (5-week standard) or $375 (3-week jumpstart)
c) Or for the lowest outlay of cash, purchase some of my books: "The Theatrical Juggernaut", "Guerrilla Networking", "Battle Cries for the Underdog"---and READ THEM (don't just put them on your shelf).
Meet you at the top!
P.S. - The next Actors Film School class starts on Saturday, March 28th.   Only $1500 for a limited time.  I have one more space left in the March 28th class, and I'd love to have you join us.  Check out for more info, and if you're interested in career and financial coaching, check out  And come to my inspiring AFTRA workshop on the 17th of March!
Call 914-481-1641 or reply to this email to set up your free 20-minute career, marketing, and financial phone consultation with Unstoppable Artists' founder Monroe Mann.  Who is he?  He's the guy to call when you're finally ready to take control of your circumstances.   

ROMP ON! Meet you at the TOP!
No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.
-Monroe Mann, ME, GMC (JD/MBA - May 2010)
CEO & Senior Publicist
Unstoppable Artists, LLC   (watch my original CNBC interview!) 
914-481-1641 (office) 
646-764-1764 (cell)

P.S. - You know how people are always looking for their big break, and just wish there were an easier way?  Well, there is.  And it has a name: Unstoppable Artists.  I help clients create their own breaks by teaching them how to manage their own career and finances, and help them to gain more exposure.  I help people in show business, music, sports, and publishing (and of course entrepreneurs) think much bigger, gain more control of their futures, and become a part of the 'lucky' few who are considered successful.