Thursday, February 22, 2007

State of the RoMann Empire (February, 2007)

Hello World!

Here's a long overdue update on Monroe Mann's career as of February 2007 straight from the horses mouth, i.e. from me, Monroe Mann:

A) Two of my films, "Like a Lamb in June" and "Origami Deathmatch"--both of which I wrote, produced, and directed, were just accepted into Ruff Cutz in Boston, where I was also asked to be a speaker. Origami Deathmatch is a 30-minute SAG short comedy about an international origami competition, with a cast of 30 actors. I play the co-starring role of Jack Mareeda. More info:

B) My new book, "Guerrilla Networking" (that I co-wrote with the famous Jay Conrad Levinson who wrote Guerrilla Marketing) is now available for pre-sale on, to be released sometime this summer/fall nationwide.

C) My first book, "The Theatrical Juggernaut" was just re-released in a second edition, and here are some of the back-cover blurbs:

"If this book is any indication of things to come, we are going to be hearing a lot about Monroe Mann." - Bob Fraser, Emmy-recognized actor, producer, writer, and director (Full House/Benson), and author of You Must Act

"A how-to for aspiring stars based on boot camp persistence." - CNN's Wolf Blitzer

"To make it big, you need the Real Deal. Mr. Mann is the Real Deal." - Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books.

D) I am now represented as an actor by Marilynn Scott Murphy of Professional Artists, here in Manhattan.

E) I just recently submitted to two different reality shows. One of them, "On the Lot" is about 16 up-and-coming directors; the other "Seven Samurai" is seeking Iraq War Vets. Oh yes, I also spent a year in Iraq serving my country, as an intelligence advisor to the 4th Iraqi Army

F) I am currently enrolled part-time in the JD/MBA program at Pace University, through both Lubin School of Business, as well as Pace Law School. In other words, I will have my MBA and law degree in about 5 years. I am also enrolled in Western Carolina University's Master of Entrepreneurship program, and will graduate in May, 2008, and then begin my PhD in Psychology.

G) Now that I am back from the war, I am putting my band, "Running for Famous" back together again. More info at (which takes you to our MySpace page)

H) I just raised the first $40,000 for my wakeboarding feature film, "In the Wake". The first check is always the toughest... and I finally have it.

I) I recently went through Jay Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing coach program, and graduated. I am now certified as a Guerrilla Marketing Certified Coach.

J) The new website for my business, Unstoppable Artists, LLC, is now up and running. You can check it out at and read all about our success stories.

K) I recently attended and graduated from Digital Film Academy here in NY, and now have my own Final Cut Pro editing suite as well. In addition to my films above, I am also working on the world's first comedic documentary about the war in Iraq, using 60 hours of original footage that I shot myself while I was over there.

L) I am now also involved in a joint venture with Bob Fraser (Producer/writer of Full House and Benson) that will take us on tour all around the country helping actors starting this spring.

Well, that about sums it up for now!

And for the record, the person listed as 'Monroe Mann (II)' is NOT me. I have not, and never would have done, any porn films.

-Monroe Mann
CEO, Loco Dawn Films, LLC
Founder, Unstoppable Artists, LLC

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And we're off!

Okay, so what is Monroe doing this week?

In a nutshell:
* finishing up the editing of the rough cut of my film, "Origami Deathmatch"
* finalizing my submission to the new reality show about directors called, "On the Lot"
* working on my book, "Guerrilla Networking" that I am writing with Jay Levinson
* heading to marketing class at Pace tomorrow, and then statistics class on thursday (for my MBA), and continuing work on my mid-term for my ME (Masters of Entrepreneurship)
* doing an interview for a television show in Manhattan
* getting postcards ready to send off as press kit reminders to all of the casting directors in NY and LA about my appearance on the Dr. Keith Show as a guest (on I believe Feb 14th, V-day)
* revamping and continually revitalizing and improving and the services that I offer my clients and students
* trying to plan and strategize the best way to get my band back together and playing out :)

One of my favorite quotes is by Vince Lombardi. He said, "Show me someone who is successful, and I'll show you someone who has overcoming adversity." Well, Vince, I'm overcoming! I'm overcoming! :) Or... trying to anyway.

-Monroe Mann