Sunday, April 15, 2007

Watch Me This Friday On National TV Talk Show!

a. Dr. Keith Air Date & Trailer!!
b. Other Exciting News
Finally, the air date you have all been waiting for has arrived!
This Friday, April 20th
1.5 Million Viewers Across The Country
Your Friend Monroe Mann...
This Friday, April 20th
Appearing As A Guest On
The Dr. Keith Show...
This Friday, April 20th
For 60 HILARIOUS Minutes
Showing a Side of Himself You Have NEVER Seen Before...
This Friday, April 20th
Watch Me Get 'Set Up' On Three Dates, and Then The Big Final Taping In Front of a Live Studio Audience
Do NOT Miss This Event...
The Event That is Going to Embarrass Him on Letterman, Leno, and Conan in Three Years. :)
And if one of my friends in the Manhattan/Westchester area could record it for me (particularly onto DVD if possible), I would be SO appreciative.  I need this footage for my media reel.  And does anyone know how to grab that Trailer up above and copy it to DVD?  That's solid gold! :)
a. Bob Fraser (Benson, Full House, Love Boat, and author of You Must Act) and I have put together the most comprehensive one-day business and career seminar for actors.  June 3rd in Manhattan.  June 9th in Boston.  And Orlando, Atlanta, & Los Angeles during the summer/fall.  Want more info?  Click here: Acting Career Tech. (
b. My good friend George Schifini (who edited the 2006 Emmy Awards) is now officially on board to turn my rough cut of my film Origami Deathmatch... into a final cut.  I am so thrilled to have him on my editing team.  The film should be completed by early summer.  Woo hoo!  His initial comments?  'This reminds me of Monty Python.'  What a nice compliment, eh?
c. I am still in the running to be one of the seven cast members on the new Discovery Channel tv show, 'Seven Samurai', shooting in Japan.  I'll keep you posted!
d. Things are still moving forward like a rocket with my feature film, 'In the Wake'.  I should know (I hope) by next week if it's a green light!  Oh how nice it will be to finally be moving into production.  Pray for me!
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e. AND... I cleaned up my room today.  :)
Thanks for your enduring support.  And please forward this email on to every one of your friends!
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-Monroe Mann
Publicity Coordinator, The RoMann Empire
Meet you at the top.
No Rules, No Excuses, No Regrets(r).
-Monroe Mann
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