Thursday, June 29, 2006

More exciting news! Parle-tu Francais?

Greetings to the RoMann Legion!

So I've been telling you about all the great news regarding the developments with the film. The latest news is that now CAA has requested the script, as well as Insight Productions in Canada (producers of the new TV show about wakeboarding on ABC Family). Cool, eh?

Well, want to hear some even more wonderful news? Two months ago, as I began my forays into the college speaking market, I sent an email to one of the largest French Speaker's Bureau telling them of my success.

Well, I just--one hour ago--received a genuine phone call from Paris. They love my background, and what I have accomplished at such a young age, and think French corporations could really benefit from my knowledge of business.

And then... they randomly started speaking French to test how well I speak. Faster French than I have ever heard. Palms sweating. Brain overload. Frozen solid. Until I took a deep breath and realized... that I actually understood what he just asked me.

So what did I do? I answered. And we spoke for 20 minutes in French about show business, about me acting my way into the Cannes film festival, about politics and the love/hate relationship America has with France and vice-versa, and how much I charge as a speaker.

His last words in French,"Ok, you certainly speak french, and your fluency is definitely sufficient to speak to French corporations." In other words (and this is where you can all celebrate with me)... I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS. They are now helping me put together various speech topics for the French speaking world and he hopes to be flying me to Paris by summer's end, if not sooner, for my first engagement. He thinks I am going to be 'really big in France' because few American businessmen, authors, and actors speak French.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, yours truly, Monroe Mann, is soon going to be on the French speaking circuit! HOOAH!

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