Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Got Kicked Out Of Da Vinci Code By The Cops!

In a nutshell, yes, I got ejected from the AMC 25 in Time Square last Saturday. Along with a student of mine, Dennis Hurley, the star and producer of the Albino Code... a short parody of the Da Vinci Code.

As founder of Unstoppable Artists Business School (, I'm a big fan of breaking the rules. So, we bought tickets, went in, and told the whole crowd about his film (which is getting HUGE press). The entire crowd was laughing.

"What's the website?!" I yelled.

"!" they yelled back, in unison.

And then... a big ol' strong hand on my shoulder, "You need to come with me. All three of you." An innocent bystander student who was tagging along got ejected too. Bummer... And an undercover cop escorted us out of the theater. Of course, what did he ask, "So what's the website again?!" HA!!!

But... all's well that ends well. The Albino Code is getting written up everywhere and Dennis is appearing on talk shows like Inside Edition to magazines such as People. Mission acccomplished.

P.S. - I am also now posting this blog on my MySpace profile...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Really Hungry...

I woke up at 1PM today... got on my computer, and have been moving and shaking like such a madman... that I haven't eaten one thing the entire day. I am SO hungry right now. On the flip side, I am making some major progress with the expansion of the school. I suspect we'll be bigger than the Beatles by the end of the summer. :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

The OC (Ohso Cool!)

I actually got a phone call today from Endeavor, and specifically, Michael Lange's agent. Michael Lange is one of the illustrious directors of the television show, "The OC". He's also directed The X-Files, and tons of other popular shows.

Anyway, his agent wants to read my script! I sent them an email a couple of days ago with a three-page summary of the film... and today, they called me back! How awesome.

So... I spent about five hours today sprucing up the script and adding some finishing touches to the newest version that was completed about 3 weeks ago.

I also went to my interview to become a Big Brother to a local kid whose parents are incarcerated. This should certainly be an interesting experience.

Lastly, I am working with an ad agency that is helping me to put together actual television ads for my business school. We are looking at MTV, E!, Style, VH1, A&E, & Bravo. We hope to have our first ads go live late summer/early fall.

Oh actually, the TRUE 'lastly' is that my new book, "Battle Cries for the Underdog" is about one week from being available for purchase. I will throw purchase information on here shortly (cause you ARE going to buy the book... RIGHT?)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

So, what the heck am I doing with this site?

Welcome to "What is Monroe doing this week?"

I created this blog for a number of reasons. First, I have a growing number of fans who want to know what I am doing! Second, I know that what I do often inspires others in the world of showbusiness... so I figured I'd publicly tell people what I am doing in hopes of inspiring others to go out and live their dreams as well.

So, what am I doing right now? I'm super stoked that my school is expanding, that my film is starting to get some true legitimacy, and my band's new CD is about two weeks from being finished. I saw United 93 the other night with my mom... and cried. And swore at those sons of bitches who decided to mess with the greatest country in the world. I rarely swear, but I heard a FUCK YOU SONS OF BITCHES come out of my mouth about three times. After watching it, it made me want to go back to Iraq (figuratively) and continue kicking terrorist ass. Afterwards, I called Creative Artists Agency to see if Paul Greengrass (director/writer of United 93) wanted to direct my film, In the Wake. I got the typical response: please send us an email with the information... So I did. I also spoke with a potential distributor... who called me. They want to help me get the film into retail stores around the country on DVD. Sounds like a plan. It's not theatrical distro, but it's certainly a start.