Saturday, August 19, 2006

William Morris; 2nd Editions; Mem-Cards OH MY!

Greetings from 'almost at' the top!

It's been four weeks since my last post. My apologies there. But hey, at least I have a good explanation: I've been kicking ass!

I spoke with William Morris agency two days ago and they actually said, "We got the script back from coverage, and it got really high marks. We are really surprised. This film may have a future yet. We'll let ya know in two weeks whether we're taking your film on as a project." So that's pretty exciting.

I went on a commercial audition callback for Foxwoods casino... but alas, I was too talented for them, and they gave the part to someone else. :)

I have finally finished the 2nd edition to "The Theatrical Juggernaut". I am calling this one: The Director's Cut. It will be available everywhere in a couple of months.

On that note, "The UABCs - Getting to the Top (Basic)" will be available for sale in four weeks as well. What are the UABCs? Well, check out and you'll understand the product. Then, think of the ABCs instead of the UABCs: U - Unstoppable; A - Attitude; B - Business Sense; all the way to Z - Zen! The front of the card explains the principle; the back includes three action exercises to help you implement it! Later in the fall we'll be releasing Deck II: - Intermediate; and Deck III - Advanced.

So, this week? This week I am cleaning up my room/office; reorganizing the school's strategy and curriculum; starting film school at; completing my registration for classes at Lubin School of Business at Pace University (for my MBA) as well as at Western Carolina University for my ME (Master of Entrepreneurship), and I plan to feed my fish every day. :)

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