Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Got Kicked Out Of Da Vinci Code By The Cops!

In a nutshell, yes, I got ejected from the AMC 25 in Time Square last Saturday. Along with a student of mine, Dennis Hurley, the star and producer of the Albino Code... a short parody of the Da Vinci Code.

As founder of Unstoppable Artists Business School (, I'm a big fan of breaking the rules. So, we bought tickets, went in, and told the whole crowd about his film (which is getting HUGE press). The entire crowd was laughing.

"What's the website?!" I yelled.

"!" they yelled back, in unison.

And then... a big ol' strong hand on my shoulder, "You need to come with me. All three of you." An innocent bystander student who was tagging along got ejected too. Bummer... And an undercover cop escorted us out of the theater. Of course, what did he ask, "So what's the website again?!" HA!!!

But... all's well that ends well. The Albino Code is getting written up everywhere and Dennis is appearing on talk shows like Inside Edition to magazines such as People. Mission acccomplished.

P.S. - I am also now posting this blog on my MySpace profile...

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