Sunday, January 21, 2007

Origami Deathmatch

Oh, and I'm pleased to report that my hilarious short film, "Origami Deathmatch" is about 45% edited.  In the meantime, you can get to know the cast at

Watch me on National Television!

National Television baby! Watch me on "The Dr. Keith Show"! I am the 'star' for their episode on matchmaking. I posted a 'man seeking woman' post up on Craigslist and they found me, and thought I was the perfect guy for their show. They were looking for an 'intelligent, attractive, successful, but single' guy who was having trouble getting a girlfriend. Well... that's me! So they interviewed me on camera, asked me tons of questions to get to know me, then found three beautiful single women in Manhattan, and sent me on three lovely dates! With cameras rolling the whole time. I then actually appeared ON the show, and was interviewed by Dr. Keith himself. My three friends Tony Jeraci, Greg Cilmi, and Nicole Moeller sat in the front row for morale support! The whole show was SO FUNNY! You are going to be laughing on the floor when it airs. So, when is it airing? They think on Valentine's Day? On what channel? go to and you can find where it airs in your city. And YES, it is a NATIONAL SHOW (we taped at NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan) so you'll be able to watch it. If it turns out to be a different date, I will tell you! Truly, this was CRAZY...