Thursday, June 29, 2006

Endeavor loves my script!

I've got some great news.

Have you ever heard of the Endeavor Agency in Hollywood? To give you an idea of how prominent they are, some of the artists signed to them include Adam Sandler, James Cameron, Paris Hilton, Conan O'Brian, Adam Brody, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith, Jessica Alba, and this is just for starters.

Well... I sent them a copy of my script for my wakeboarding film, "In the Wake" and... they like it! One of their film agents called me back to specifically tell me that. Word verbatim, "Monroe, I read your script. I really like it."

So now they have asked me to start putting together a list of actors and directors from their agency who I would like to read the script, and he would pass it along on my behalf. I am really excited---this is the biggest step forward yet!

In addition, VAS Entertainment (largest action sports film distributor in the world) said they too want to help out, definitely with distro, potentially with more. This is great news as well.

Thanks for all of your support, and meet you at the TOP!

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