Saturday, August 09, 2008

Trump, Deutsch, Mann. 'Big Idea' Blog # 2 and summer update!

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August 8th, 2008

Greetings Unstoppable Ones!
Okay, so I managed to finagle a second blog on the Big Idea website.  In fact, the web producer Paul Toscano and I are experimenting with little ol' me being the very first guest from the show (no joke) who also gets to blog MORE THAN ONCE!  Ladies and gentlemen, how very cool it is to share with you that I am---drum roll please--The Big Idea's 'Weekend Special'!  Their first ever!  Seriously, this is so cool.  I'm on the Big Idea homepage right now.  How nice to see a photo of Donald Trump, then Donny Deutsch, and then Monroe Mann!!  All right next to one another. :)  Yeah baby!  How wild: a photo of Monroe Mann right next to the two Big Ds.  Check out the photos at:

You can read my blog directly at:  (direct link to my blog).

And if you haven't already seen it, you can watch my Big Idea interview at

And now, are you in need of some more inspiration?  If so, here's my quick summer update.  My purpose is to share the vibe, and to inspire you to do more this year than ever before.  GET UP, GET OUT, GET MOVING!

Okay, here we go:
* I am a contributing author to the JUST RELEASED book, "Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines"--find out how I kept my business and dreams alive while in the combat zone of Iraq!  Buy now at Amazon, BN, etc.
* I am almost done with my next book, "Battle Cries for the Hollywood Underdog" with co-author Lou Bortone---available this winter.
* I return in late August--woohoo!--to my 2nd year of law school: Entertainment Law, Property, Advanced Appellate Advocacy, and Federal Income Tax, plus 1 business course for my MBA.  As many already know, I just received my Masters of Entrepreneurship this past May---one of only 135 people in the world with such a degree.  Cool, eh?
* Unstoppable Artists' celebrity talk-show, "Before the Big Break", hosted by Monroe Mann, launches this fall!  The entire first season is shot with guests ranging from the legendary Joe Franklin and Sammy Petrillo to the founder of Tim Westergren and the hit rock band Ludo, who just played on Leno!  Stay tuned to this email list for launch date, and become our friend at
* I am pleased to report that Unstoppable Artists has officially changed its slogan to reflect my ever increasing small business clientele.  Since Unstoppable Artists thinks of artists as entrepreneurs, and thinks of entrepreneurs as artists, the new slogan is: "...because entrepreneurs create masterpieces."  Catchy catchall, eh?
* After two years, my film producing partner Phil Malandrino and I are getting very close to sealing a huge deal with one of Europe's biggest hedge funds.  So damn exciting!  More to come in September!
* I actually just turned down a $3000 gig to play my band's original music at a wedding this September.  Which is crazier?  That these folks--complete strangers--wanted me to play my original songs at their wedding... or that I actually turned it down?  Perhaps both.  But I had to do it.  It would have taken too much effort to get everything put together.  How did I make the decision?  I realized that I have a lot of other hot irons in the fire, and that if things keep up the way they are moving, I'll be able to rock out with my band at down the line.  Lose the battle, but win the war!  And listen to our music at  (I'm the singer/songwriter/manager)
* Next, if any of you have a desire to start your own coaching firm, or are running a personal services business (NO, NOT PROSTITUTION! JEESH!), check out my awesome new book, "Start Your Own Coaching Business"--available now! (2008, Entrepreneur Press) * Finally, by popular demand, I have joined facebook.  Feel free to become my friend, and same goes for, and, and

Thanks for all of your support.  Each and every one of you.  You all rock from the delta to the DMZ...  And I can't wait to meet you all at the top!

On that note...
**PITCH ALERT!  PITCH ALERT!**   (haha!)
Seven hundred and fifty dollars.  That's the cost of my flagship 5-week coaching program.  That is not a lot of money.  And I will turn your world upside down.  I'll leave you with that.
Thanks so much for your support!
-Monroe Mann
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