Monday, June 02, 2008

Top 3 Summer Financial Tips

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June 2, 2008

# 1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST.  This is the most basic lesson of all, and that's why it's number one.  Do NOT pay your credit card bills, your rent, or even your mortgage, without FIRST taking 10% of your income and putting it into a savings account FOR YOURSELF.  I promise you: the bills are going to get paid.  Somehow, someway, you will always find a way to pay the bills.  But only with discipline will you learn to take that first 10% of every paycheck and 'pay yourself'.  If you haven't yet, read, "The Richest Man in Babylon" immediately.  And open up your account at
# 2. REDUCE EXPENSES.  Truth is, you're probably making more than enough money, but you're 'struggling' because your expenses are too high.  It's not that you need a raise; it's that you need to STOP SPENDING ALREADY!  Seriously, if you tracked how much you actually spend every week--every month--you'd probably realize how wasteful you actually are.  Trust me: you CAN reduce your expenses if you really want to, and that will help you tremendously in terms of 'making a profit' at the end of each month.
 # 3. MAKE MORE MONEY!  Okay, even though reducing expenses is a key way to 'make more money', another way to make more money is to... MAKE MORE MONEY!  For instance, get federal loans and go back to school.  This will allow you to get a better paying job.  Consider starting your own part-time business on the side.  Heck, have some guts and ask for a raise already--you know you deserve it, right?  Bottom line, your mission needs to be 'doubling your income over the next year'.  It is possible.  Oh so possible.  The question is: are you willing to do what is necessary to make it happen?
P.S. - the 4th tip is to learn accounting.  If you don't understand accounting, you'll never KNOW how much you're saving, spending, or making.  There is a free accounting e-course available through the Unstoppable Artists website.  Check it out!  Click on 'we recommend'.  In fact, we recommend you take this free accounting course over the summer! :)

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