Thursday, May 22, 2008

My College Alumni Magazine Update

Monroe Mann ('99) is proud to report that he is one of the producers and host of a new
internet celebrity talk-show called, "Before the Big Break".  They are well into production,
and the latest interview was with Gary W. Goldstein, producer of Pretty Woman, Under
Siege, and the Mothman Prophecies with Richard Gere.  Look for the site to launch
in early Fall.  Monroe also just received his Masters of Entrepreneurship, is now a 3rd year
JD/MBA student at Pace Law School (in a four year program) and will be soon starting his
PhD (so that one day he'll be able to teach as a summer professor at Franklin College!) 
Please check out his latest books, "Guerrilla Networking" with Jay Conrad Levinson, and
most recently, "Start Your Own Coaching Business" with Entrepreneur Press.  He sends
a shout out to all of his good friends from Franklin, and hopes one day to meet up with them
all again.  To Professor Mottale: thank you for keeping in touch with me and supporting
my dream of one day teaching at Franklin.  To Professor RoccaSalvo: hope you're having
an awesome time at Franklin this summer!   To Roberto Piras:  it was great meeting up
with you in New York City.  To all Franklin people: telefoni mi l
a prossima volta siete a
New York, or sign up to my email list at 
Grazie per il supporto!!

Romp On! Hooah!
Meet You at the Top!

-Monroe Mann

Read my latest books, "Guerrilla Networking" with Jay Conrad Levinson, and "Start Your Own Coaching Business" with Entrepreneur Press!

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