Thursday, May 22, 2008

The coolest marketing tool I have EVER seen...

May 22, 2008
Folks, I've done a lot over the years in the field of marketing and know my stuff.  I've written a book with the author of Guerrilla Marketing; I'm a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach; and I even hold a masters of Entrepreneurship.  If anyone knows marketing and publicity, it is me. 
So I hope you will visit this link and sign up for the completely FREE TRIAL that requires no credit card information at all (because I am paying for your free trial): Monroe Mann's Awesome Marketing Tool
Not convinced yet?  Okay, no problem.  So what is it?  It's called Send Out Cards, and my friend Dan Duckworth turned me on to it.  If you want to improve your marketing, increase your sales, and make ten times more money this year, just keep reading.
Imagine this.  Imagine there were a very inexpensive and yet reliable tool that allowed you to increase your marketing coverage, and effectiveness, and at the same time, saved you hours of time.  This tool exists.  And it's just a mouse click away
This is what it does:
* it allows you to create custom postcards, greeting cards, and three-panel brochures completely online... 
* it allows you to actually 'type' cards in your own handwriting.
* it allows you to put your photo as the front of the card (for actors and models) or even your logo (for businesses)---forget about doing huge printings of cards that are going to be out of date in a month!
* and THEN (yeah, there's more), all you do is click send (just like with email), and voila, the card is sent... but not via email.  It is sent via the regular mail.  Yes!  The system actually prints the card, stamps it, addresses it, and puts it in a mailbox.  Sounds unbelievable, I know.  And yet... there's more.
Ready for your free test drive?  Sign up here: Monroe Mann's Awesome Marketing Tool
* If you don't want to make your own cards, you can choose from over 8,000 different ready-made cards, all proven for their marketing effectiveness
* How about this: the system also reminds you one week before your friends' and clients' birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates, so you will never forget again. 
* In fact, you can even program the system to send out the birthday and anniversary cards automatically one week before the date, so you don't even have to think about it: the system does it for you.
* How about the holidays?  Wouldn't it be great to send out a personalize Christmas card to everyone you know... in your own handwriting... with the simple touch of a button?  Now you can.  It's easy!
* Need more incentive?  How about this: You can actually insert gift cards, automatically!  For Barnes & Noble!  For Blockbuster!  Even a pre-paid American Express card.  Isn't that so cool? So the card arrives with a pre-paid gift card for your friend, client, family member, or prospect.  Awesome, I know.
Ready for your free test drive?  Sign up here: Monroe Mann's Awesome Marketing Tool 
* Oh, do you ever do mass mailings via the post office to large groups of people?  Wouldn't you like to cut the time down from an entire weekend to, say, 5 minutes?  Now you can.  And it's easy.  You simply import the contacts into a group (let's say 'Talent Agents'); you create a card; you select the group; you click send.  Simple.  In less than 5 minutes, you have sent out career and business updates to everyone in that group, from 50 to 50,000 people--it's all the same.
* And there's more.  You can even set up the system so it sends a series of messages, automatically, to one person, or even to a group.  You set up the cards in the series, set the date each one should be sent, and then you go golfing!  Every week, month, or whatever time period you choose, a new card will be sent out via the regular mail.  And your profitability soars.
* Want even more incentive?  You can actually make money with the system.  For every person you get to sign up, you yourself will make at minimum $120.  And then, you make a 3 - 7% commission on every card that that person sends.  The more people you get to sign up, the more money you can make.  If you're looking for a great part-time business, this is it.  You're actually selling something that people can use!  What a concept. :)
Ready for your FREE TEST DRIVE?  Sign up here: Monroe Mann's Awesome Marketing Tool
My dear fans, supporters, fellow actors, writers, entrepreneurs, and friends: as you may know, I very rarely put my stamp of approval on other companies' products and services.  But for the first time in a really long time, I have found something that I absolutely had to share with you.  Send Out Cards is quite possibly the most amazing marketing tool ever invented.  It combines the ease and efficiency of email with the tangibility and sincerity of the regular mail. 
There really is nothing like receiving something in the mail, but it's such a pain in the butt to send something in the mail to everyone, right?  Well, the pain is now gone.  Now you can send snail mail, automatically, inexpensively, and--the most important word in marketing... CONSISTENTLY-- thanks to Send Out Cards.
If you haven't yet, I sincerely urge you to sign up for a free trial by clicking here.  Or you can type in this link directly:  ;
When you get there, click for the free trial, and once you fill out the forms, your account will get stocked up with a bunch of postage, and 6 points--all compliments of yours truly.  And with that, you can send out a few cards and see how the system works.  Be sure to include your phone number, and I'll give you a call personally to help you set up the system and send out some cards. 
Truly, once you realize what an amazing system this is, you are going to be blown away, just like I was. The reason I am so passionate about this is because I actually use it.  Everyday.  Sending out postcards about my new talk-show to casting directors and agents.  Sending out greeting cards to my clients.  Sending off press release cards about my clients to the media.  Sending off postcard advertisements about my classes and services.  Heck, I send off about 50 cards a day.  It's simply amazing.  And addicting!  I have become addicted to sending these damn cards and now everyone I know is calling me up asking me how the heck I have the time send them so many personalized cards!
Are you still reading?  Have I really not convinced you yet?  If you don't use this system, you are going to lose out to your competition who is.  So sign up for your FREE TEST DRIVE today: Monroe Mann's Awesome Marketing Tool  or just type in
-Monroe Mann

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