Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 Steps to Finding Investors

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May 19, 2008

# 1. CREATE A PROJECT.  It seems obvious that in order to find investors, you first need a project, but a lot of people don't seem to realize that.  They think that they need the investors first, and THEN they'll figure out where to invest the money.  WRONG.  Just as with personal finance, you need to figure out where you're gonna spend the money long before you actually make the money.  It's called: Forward Thinking.  So start your forward thinking now and create some projects already!
# 2. GAIN TRUST.  People do not invest in projects, though.  They invest in projects with potential.  In other words, they invest in projects they TRUST are going to bring them back a return on investment.  It amazes me how many people seek money for projects that have NOTHING GOING FOR THEM.  For instance, a script with no name attachments.  A band with no fan base.  An actor with no credits.  Folks, very rarely to investors invest in talent alone.  Nope.  You need something more: credibility and trust that you are going to spend and invest that money wisely.
 # 3. ASK FOR THE MONEY!  This actually is the most important step.  If you think people are just going to come up to you and offer you their money, you are gravely mistaken.  It may happen, but probably not.  You have to ask for the sale!  This is sales baby!  Ask them, "Would you like to invest?"  And the more specific, the better: "Would you like to invest $10,000?"  Even better: "Would you like to purchase 10 shares at $1,000 each for a total of $10,000 with a 50% stake in all profits and a first in-first out recoupment of your initial investment?"  If that confused you, don't worry.  The most important thing is that you ASK FOR THE STINKIN' MONEY ALREADY!

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