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Monroe Mann's Awesome Pre-Summer Update

Monroe Mann's Awesome Pre-Summer Update
To The RoMann Legion,
Are you ready for the latest on the rise of the RoMann Empire?  Prepare to be inspired. :)  I've got some awesome updates on my band, my movies, my new talk show!, my books, my businesses, and all this crazy education I've been getting.  Remember, I'm not bragging; I'm just sharing the vibe!  I hope you'll go out there and kick it yourself with similarly awesome things in your own life!
A) First, if you're free this Saturday, and in Westchester, my band, Running for Famous, is playing this Saturday at Panera Bread Company's outdoor cafe at Port Chester's Waterfront, from 12PM - 2PM.  It's an acoustic rendition of the band, with me on classical guitar/lead vocals, and Amy Stein on Flute/harmony vocals.  We're playing a fun medley of spanish, latin, and classical instrumentals, as well as both original and cover pop songs.  Come down to Port Chester's Waterfront and eat a yummy sandwich and soup while you relax to our groovy tunes.  If all goes well, this will be a regular gig every Saturday.  Yippee!  (And yes, we're playing Crosstown Bus, Hollywood Girls, and Look Around)!!!
B) Second, I'm super stoked to report that I just received my Masters of Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University (and am now one of only 135 people in the world to have this prestigious degree.)  Woohoo!  Not only that... but my professors just opened a new fully accredited college, and they agreed to partner up with me on  a subsidiary school called the Mann School of Entertainment, where in about five years, you'll be able to get a BA in Entertainment Entrepreneurship, and a Masters in Entertainment Entrepreneuship.  Guess who is going to be the Dean? :)  Ha!
C) I am also SO pleased (relieved is the more appropriate term) that I have just finished my first year of law school, and well, I know quite a bit more now about contracts, personal injury, criminal law, and civil procedure.  In fact, if you're looking for a good entertainment law firm, look no further than Mann & Mann, LLP.  When you combine my dad's over 50 years experience as an attorney, my mom's 15 years experience as an attorney and opera singer, and my Masters of Entrepreneuship and first year of law school (not to mention my eclectic background in entertainment), you won't find a better bunch of people to help you with your showbiz, music, and publishing legal matters.  Call me if you want more info; my number is down below.
D) As some of you know, Loco Dawn Films has been very busy this summer.  On one hand, we're signing and negotiating a bunch of contracts about this big film with a bunch of A-list stars.  We're involved as Executive Producers because Loco Dawn Films put the budget together, and then introduced the project to the investors, and we're now trying to broker the deal between all parties as I write this email.  The negotiations are a big ol' pain in the butt that's been dragging on for months, but we're close to making it happen, and if it does, there will be smiles all around.  On another hand, Loco Dawn Films has been busy shooting a talk-show!  In the show, I interview stars and celebrities about their lives and struggles... "Before the Big Break".  We just completed our third interview with none other than Gary Goldstein, one of the coolest guys in Hollywood.  You might have heard of some of the movies he's produced: Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies, Cannes Man...  Other interviews include the great Joe Franklin (who had the longest-running talk-show in American history) and Sammy Petrillo (who starred in the 1953 hit cult film, 'Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla'--a film that Christopher Guest says is the only one he would want to take with him onto a desert island.)  So we're stoked and busy and making things happen, and meeting a ton of really cool people, and summer hasn't even kicked off!  You are gonna LOVE these interviews.
E) My company, Unstoppable Artists, continues to expand.  We've now moved into new and bigger offices at 316 Westchester Avenue, in Port Chester.  I welcomed Marissa Higgins onto the team this past January, and am stoked that she's still with me, 'cause she's a Godsend and has helped me and the business in ways I can't even enumerate.  Katrin Luthy, a publicity manager from Sony BMG music in Zurich, Switzerland, will be joining the team in August, to assist with our publicity clients.  And if you check out our new and updated website at, you can read all the details.  If you or a friend needs career guidance, financial advice, marketing coaching, publicity services, or legal advice (through Mann & Mann), look no further than Unstoppable Artists.  We are the coolest damn company in showbusiness!  And I mean that as impartially as possible, of course.
F) Next, check out my new book at Amazon!  It's called, "Start Your Own Coaching Business" and will be available this summer from Entrepreneur Press.  The Amazon blurb says, "This unique guide teaches experts to turn their knowledge into a lucrative motivational coaching business. Readers will learn the ins and outs of mastering the two separate disciplines of a successful coaching business: the art of motivating clients and science of running a successful business. As a motivational coach himself, Mann brings his lively coaching style to the page, teaching by example. His straightforward advice will help readers find and motivate clients, develop income strategies and grow their new businesses."  So... if you want to do what I do, and help others by motivating clients to run their businesses more efficiently, and reach for the top... check out this book!  Truthfully, I explain how to make ANY business more profitable, so if you're looking for general business help, you might also find this book helpful and useful.  What's wild is that this is the first book I have written where someone other than me wrote the bio.  And gosh, what nice things the publishers have to say: "Monroe Mann is a successful motivational coach and certified guerrilla marketer. He developed his motivational skills as an entrepreneur, military veteran, Hollywood director and producer, and co-author of Guerrilla Networking with guru Jay Conrad Levinson."  Wow, when I read that, I thought: whoah, I've done a heck of a lot!
Okay, back to the law books.  My last final exam is tomorrow (friday night), and then a two week break before I start summer clases: Evidence and Surrogate Practice.  Yee haw!  If I stay on schedule, I'll be done with this joint JD/MBA program in two years, and take the NY state bar exam in July 2010, and the California bar six months later.  Seriously, am I crazy or what?  What have I got myself into!? haha  But don't worry, in August, rest easy: I'm taking a nice two week vacation up in Maine.  Ahhh...
Before I sign off, I want to thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart (what the heck does that mean anyway?) for reading this, and for supporting me, and for being a fan, especially those who have been there from the beginning, and for those who stuck by my side while I was in Iraq with the Army.  So many people abandoned me when that happened, and I thank those of you who didn't lose faith; those of you who--like me--are big thinkers enough to realize that we as humans are capable of doing far more than we are given credit for.  I can't stand people telling me to 'focus' when the truth of the matter is that by diversifying my pursuits, I AM focused... and on one thing only: SUCCESS.  Why, if you are good at ten different things, must you choose only one?  Screw that!  Do it all baby!  And well, not only am I trying, but I seem to be succeeding as well.  And let me tell you, it has nothing to do with "focusing on just one thing".  Bleck--the thought of giving up some of these things I am doing is anathama and disgusting.  Just because most people are incapable of understanding how you are able to do so many things shouldn't mean that YOU have to limit yourself.  So don't limit yourself based on others' ineptitude and jealousy, ok?  Live out loud; live up to your potential; and GO OUT THERE AND KICK IT!
Oh, before I forget, my friend and producing partner Christian Barnes wanted me to tell all of you to check out his film, "National Lampoon's Cattle Call" which was released worldwide on DVD thru Lions Gate Films yesterday.  It is super funny.  You can click the link below to order your copy, or pop it on your netflix queue.  Christian's next film is Shinobi, going into production this fall with Universal Pictures, written and directed by Max Makowski for a 2009 release.  Christian is, if you've been keeping up to date, one of the producers of my upcoming wakeboarding film, "In the Wake".  Hey Christian: CONGRATULATIONS ON CATTLE CALL!  Now let's get this silly wakeboarding film made already!  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT CATTLE CALL: 
Later dudes! 
Meet you at the top!
-Monroe Mann
Publicity Manager, The RoMann Empire
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