Thursday, March 10, 2011

Watch my fun NEW reality show on YouTube!

Yo Unstoppable One,
Fun news: I have started a new (experimental) daily reality show starring moi and you can watch the first daily 1.5 minute episode right here:    <--if you like it, please subscribe and comment on YouTube!  And please take that link and post on your Facebook and Twitter statuses!

Yeah, a new daily reality show---meaning, the next one is today!  And the next day... is episode 3!  One new 2-minute episode every day... starting as of yesterday.

It's called Reality Check-In w/Monroe Mann (tentative title---if any of you have suggestions for a better one as you watch it, let me know).

It's a unique concept: it's a reality show completely shot, edited, encoded, and uploaded entirely on my ipod Touch.  In other words, the production studio comes with me wherever I go, and each day, I am going to 'check in' from wherever I am with some insight, humor, inspiration, advice, etc. 

The first episode's location was last night in... my bed. :)
The second will be today at 36 Street Studio/Precision Photos in midtown Manhattan where I am giving a seminar (today, Thursday, at 1PM) on the top five legal lessons for artists.

The third one will be Friday (from the tanning salon), the 4th on Saturday (I think from the movies), and on Sunday, I'll be doing one from the airport heading to Florida to shoot my music video.  In Florida, I'll do another on the beach in Naples with Anatoli and George.  I'll do others from the road; from Pace Law's library; from the court house; from casting sessions; from my local pizzeria; and from wherever else I end up on the rise of the RoMann Empire.  Not only will you now get to keep tabs on what I'm doing, but you'll get pumped up, inspired, or just plain laugh with each new episode as well.

Plus, whoever happens to be around me at the time will potentially be on that particular episode (so you'll soon be meeting my buddies Roberto and Helen!)  And wherever I am at the time gets the publicity for that location.

Most importantly, every episode will leave you thinking about SOMETHING that'll enrich your life in some way.  Promise. :)

The one catch: I need viewers and subscribers (i.e. YOU!)  So, I hope you will go here and watch the first episode, subscribe to my YouTube channel, post a comment, and repost the link to the video on your Facebook and Twitter pages! 

HERE'S THE BIG QUESTION: Why am I doing this?  I'm doing it a) for the sake of doing it.  It's fun, I enjoy making the videos, and I enjoy helping others.  Equally importantly, b) it's because my record promotion team and I are trying to build my youtube fanbase because in a few weeks, we're posting the music video for my song, "The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere" off my new album and we want to build more and more subscribers onto the YouTube channel.  This reality show is potentially (we hope) a way to build up that fanbase.  That's why it's experimental---if after a few months, it hasn't show signs of growth, I'll pull the plug.  But we won't know until we try, and...

Guess what?  It starts with you! :)  You are on my list because you support me in some way.  I hope you will continue to support me by watching the first episode... and then becoming a fan of the show by clicking 'subscribe' to my youtube channel and posting a comment. 

Again, watch it now by clicking here:

Oh, and if you are free today (thursday) and live in the NY tri-state area:

Free Seminar: Top Five Legal Lessons for Artists
with Entertainment Attorney Monroe Mann
(1PM - 2:15PM, Thursday, March 10th)


About the Seminar:
Ready to get legally inspired?  Join motivational speaker, musician, and attorney Monroe Mann in this enlightening and practical free seminar that will teach you the basic legal lessons you need to know to ensure your rise to the top is as stress-free as possible.  The best way to avoid legal problems and to ensure the best deals is to know the law and be confident using it.  Whether you are an actor, a model, a singer, a producer, a director, a writer, or even a clown, the law is very much the same, and you need to know it!  And you will, in this fun-filled seminar with a speaker who has been called, "one of the best speakers we have ever had" at places like AFTRA, WGA, Drama Book Shop, 36 Street Studio, and more. 
About the Speaker:
Monroe Mann is a practising attorney and F.A.M.E. advisor with the Law Firm of Monroe Mann, licensed in NY, NJ, and with the federal bars.  (F.A.M.E. stands for Financial Planner, Artist Career Coach, Marketing Advisor, and Entertainment Attorney.)  When he's not helping his clients on their rise to the top, he himself is in the ring, practicing what he preaches: he just released his full-length motivational rock and roll album, "Get Off Your Ass" on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby; is in post-production on the feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King" that he co-wrote, -directed, and -starred in; and he is the author of 6 books, including the bestsellers "The Theatrical Juggernaut" and "Guerrilla Networking" (with Jay Conrad Levinson).  He is also a bronze-star nominated Iraq war veteran.  More info at his law firm website at and his personal career website at
Come join us for an unbelievably inspiring and enlightening 75 minutes!  You'll be glad you came.

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