Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monroe Mann Radio

What's up!

Did you GET OFF YOUR ASS today and do ten things towards the pursuit of your dream?  Hmmm?  Did you?

a) Monroe Mann Radio Station
b) Free Guerrilla Marketing Seminar Tomorrow
c) Jared Safier and the Grammys
d) NBC Interview with Monroe Mann

a) MONROE MANN RADIO STATION: Create your own "Monroe Mann radio station" at:, and listen to Monroe Mann right alongside Dave Matthews, Michael Buble, and your other favorite artists.  It's just like Pandora.  Just type in my name, and you'll have a station that plays my music, FOR FREE, plus other awesome music like mine.  Enjoy!

b) FREE SEMINAR TOMORROW: Quick reminder: I am giving a free Guerrilla Marketing seminar tomorrow, 1PM - 2:15PM in Manhattan at 36 Street Studio / Precision Photos (260 W. 36th Street in Manhattan). 

If you are looking for low cost and highly effective ways to market your talent, your business, or yourself... come to this informative and motivational seminar where you will learn all about guerrilla publicity, marketing, and advertising from Guerrilla Marketing coach Monroe Mann (a guy who also wrote the book, "Guerrilla Networking" with Jay Levinson).

Please RSVP: reply to this email, or send an email to or call 212-302-2724.

NOTE: I am also teaching a $29 seminar "The Top 5 Ways to Attract an Agent" from 3 - 5PM at the same place.

c) JARED SAFIER AND THE GRAMMIES: Oh, and some more great news: Music Manager Jared Safier (who sat next to The Roots at the Grammys) just asked me to send my press kit and CDs and all that jazz to him out in Los Angeles.  Pretty exciting!  Remember folks: don't try to meet people; become the type of person that other people want to meet!!

d) NBC INTERVIEW WITH MONROE MANN: Check out this interview with Monroe Mann about  his feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King", an interview that aired on NBC in Maine this past summer:    (You can also watch a larger version of the raw footage on my youtube channel.

Romp on!

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