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March 6, 2011

Yo Unstoppable One,
I've got some really exciting stuff going on, and I hope by reading what I am up to, you are inspired to go out there and DO MORE to make your dreams come true.  Remember, I ain't bragging—I am simply 'sharing the vibe'.  

Remember, folks, you are not limited by the size of your dreams, but rather, you are limited by your laziness in the pursuit of your dreams.  So… (like my new motivational rock album of the same name)… GET OFF YOUR ASS and do it already.

Without further ado, thanks for your support, and here's what I'm up to lately:

A)    MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT A SUCCESS!  I am excited to report that the NY portions of my music video shoot are 90% done, and next week, actress/dancer superb Anatoli Grek and I are flying down to Florida to finish the shoot in sunny Naples, Florida!  Anatoli Grek is the lovely, beautiful, and talented star of the video for my song, "The Sun is Always Shining Somewhere" (Click here to listen to the entire song for free).  This video is the first for my new album, "Get Off Your Ass", which is a motivational rock extravaganza that combines 15 motivational speaking tracks with 15 original inspirational songs.   It's a really unique video that I wrote and am directing that tells the story of two people (guess who?), and how their two stories intertwine.  I am going to edit the video in a very unique split screen format that shows both stories happening simultaneously—Anatoli's character in New York City; and my character in Florida.  If you're wondering why, then, we are BOTH going down to Florida—well, you'll just have to watch the video to see!  I expect it will be completely edited and posted up on YouTube by the end of the month.  Yee haw!  Special thanks to crew members: Amanda Costopoulos, Nick Aeschilman, and Matt Defazio, and a shout out to my Florida coordinator, George Oberdoster, and my number one fan ever in the world, Debbie Bordelon who is working her ass off to get the song onto more radio stations.

B)     PLEASE POST REVIEWS!  For those who have already purchased my album and/or any of the songs, first: THANK YOU.  Second, can you please post a review up on Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby?  It would really mean a great deal to me.

C)    NEW ALBUM RELEASED – In case you didn't figure it out yet, I just released a new album, haha.  Track 13 (The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere) has the distinction of being the first of my songs to ever be put into REGULAR ROTATION on a radio station---> WVUR in Chicago.  I am so excited.  It plays every day, no matter who the DJ is, cause it is programmed to!  How awesome is that!  You can buy the song(s) and/or the whole album at (physical CD); or digitally download it from Amazon, iTunes, DigStation, etc.   Search for Monroe Mann Get Off Your Ass.  If you want to get inspired, and if you like my books, then this is basically Monroe Mann in audio form.  You will LOVE it.

D)    FEATURE FILM GOING INTO SOUND POST PRODUCTION – As you may know, Ronnie Khalil and I finally got our asses into gear and shot our feature-length horror comedy last summer in Maine called, "You Can't Kill Stephen King".  The 3rd rough cut was just delivered tonight, and I'm stoked to report that the next cut will be final cut (picture lock), and then all that will remain is sound editing, and some additional post production work.  So, we're looking at a September/October completion date.  Given that I co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in the film, I am pretty excited that it's actually almost done!  Especially since the movie is mentioned on virtually every Stephen King fan site worldwide!  Fingers crossed that the film does well! 

 E)    GUESS WHAT?  YOU NOW KNOW AN ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY – If you don't know an entertainment attorney… you do now.  I'm amazed and honored at how many entertainment cases have come my way in the last couple of months to include copyright infringement; international stalker matters, YouTube and Blogger defamation; film option agreements; tv option agreements; film company partnership agreements; contract negotiation; representation agreements; as well as civil litigation matters for both copyright and conversion of film footage.  It's pretty exciting, and I'm thrilled to be able to help all of my talented and awesome clients.  My biggest case right now involves filing a lawsuit against one of the biggest corporations in the world, as well as its advertising agencies, and two other defendants for copyright infringement.  If you have any legal issues (entertainment or otherwise), let me know.  I am pleased to offer you my services at (which is also  <---I can't ignore my roots!

 F)     CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM – While we're on the legal train, I figure I should let you all know that I just took the California bar exam out in Ontario, CA (which is about 30 minutes from Pasadena and an hour from Santa Monica—where I had lunch on the pier as I reviewed my notes before the exam).  It was a grueling 3-day exam (the same length of time it took me to do NY & NJ combined!) and honestly, it's a toss up whether I passed.  It was indeed harder than the NY bar exam, but not by much--both were absolutely grueling.  On the bright side, I have the same feeling I had last summer when I took NY & NJ—I really wasn't sure how I did.  Why is that good?  Well, in the end, I ended up passing both NY & NJ, so I'm hoping for a repeat performance given that I have the same queezy feeling in my stomach.  Worst part?  Won't find out if I passed until May 16th.   Blech.  Fortunately, I am staying busy in the meantime.

G)    AMAZING REVIEW ABOUT "GUERRILLA NETWORKING" – I received the nicest email yesterday from one of my readers.  I was so touched by what he wrote that I asked if I could copy his email and share it with you guys.  He said yes.  Here it is, redacted slightly for privacy:


Dear Monroe,

This sensational book of yours that I just finished reading - "Guerilla Networking" - it is exactly what I bargained for, and so much more, when I excitedly snatched it off the bookshelf at the Georgetown Barnes & Noble, where from I now write you (actually, just down the street from there at one of Howard Schultz's favorite Starbucks stores in Washington, DC).

You and I are very much alike, although I am a guerrilla networker in training.

For starters, I am a Christian and attorney like yourself.  Monroe, I'm wildly creative - on the inside - and just busting at the seams to finally pursue my passion professionally with unwaivering commitment to get there before I age another day.  Whether it's by writing my first book finally, getting into the acting business as I have privately contemplated, or just doing something/anything crazy just so I can tell someone about it, I'm gonna do this thing.

To borrow a line from one of my favorite movies - I've gotta do more, be more!  

Monroe - your book, your talent, and the passion you obviously pursue life with?  They have combined to create the very infusion of inspiration I need at this exact point in my life to more purposefully pursue my passion and experience my own version of "the top!"

You have already helped me by writing this amazing book.  A Christian, lawyer, and happily married father of four, I reside in
Arlington, VA very near the scenic Potomac River.  My wife and I love NYC like nobody's business, and may pass through enroute to Paris this April.

I admit, I would somehow love to find or make a way for the next leg of my professional journey to somehow overlap with yours.



Paul Gugino

P.S.  Next step for me is to implement "The Strategy - Step by Step".  Spent the last 24 hours, yesterday in beautiful Annapolis, writing out my list of all the people I would like to meet, work with, work for, or become friends with.  And you - Monroe Mann - made the list!  I know you said to begin with just 5-10 names, but realized that if I'm going to try to become the kind of person these people want to meet, I better make it good.  

Thank you Paul for such nice warm and encouraging words!  And yes, when you get to NY, I look forward to joining you and your wife for lunch. :)

H)    BOOK UPDATE – Since we're talking about books, I'd just like to remind you that I have six currently available books on the market right now, all inspirational, and all designed to help you live your life to its fullest.   They are: Guerrilla Networking (with Jay Conrad Levinson), Battle Cries for the Underdog, The Theatrical Juggernaut, To Benning and Back, Time Zen, and Start Your Own Coaching Business.  I am pleased to report, finally, that my newest book Battle Cries for the Hollywood Underdog (with Lou Bortone) is just about done, and we expect it to be available by this summer!

I)       NEW BLOG LAUNCHING SHORTLY – I have a new blog, called, The F.A.M.E. Blog (  It's up, but no posts as of yet.  F.A.M.E. stands for Financial Planner, Artist Career Coach, Marketing Advisor, and Entertainment Attorney.  This blog is going to be chock full of useful information for anyone on their way to the top when it officially launches later this month!  I will keep you posted, or, go ahead and sign up for the RSS updates now so you'll be notified whenever I post something new to the blog.

J)       BRAND NEW SONG – Want to hear the newest song I have written?  Based on a true story (sadly), it's a comedy song called "Crazy Girls" and you can find it on YouTube.  It's a very roughly recorded version that I did in just a few hours, but those who have watched it (all the way to the end) have said it is very funny.   If you think so (or don't think so), I'd love you to post a comment on YouTube about it—either way! 

K)    UPCOMING SPEAKING EVENTS – Want to see me speaking live? 

a.       36 Street Studio: I have a bunch of speaking events this month at 36 Street Studio in Manhattan (  This Thursday, 1 – 2:15PM, I am offering a free seminar entitled, "Top 5 Legal Lessons for Artists".  The following Thursday, I will be offering another free seminar from 1 – 2:15PM entitled, "Understanding Agents' Mindset".  That evening, from 3 – 5PM, we are offering a $35 seminar entitled, "Negotiating Your Own Contracts".  I will be sending out more details in a follow-up email later this week.  RSVP with an email to info at precisionphotos dot com.

b.      AFTRA: I was invited again to speak at AFTRA (American Federation of TV and Radio Artists) headquarters in Manhattan this May.  Super stoked!

c.       NYSBA: I was invited to also submit two CLE (Continuing Legal Education) courses to the NY State Bar Association.  This is a big honor, because it means I would be teaching other attorneys, which is very prestigious.  Stoked about this too!

L)     RANDOM OTHER THINGS – And in other news, I am pleased to report I went scuba diving in January down in Fort Lauderdale; pleased to report that over the summer, I put my 'rescue diver' and 'EMT' license to good use by rescuing a man who was drowning while swimming; pleased to report that I am just about done with my LLM (Master of Laws) in Commercial Real Estate Law; and am pleased to report that I am officially starting my PhD in Human Behavior/Psychology this May.  Very excited about that last one.

In conclusion, THANKS FOR READING!  It means a lot to me that you did so.  I really appreciate your support.  It means a great deal to me.

a)      Forward this to as many people as you like!

b)      If you want to receive this newsletter directly, visit or my law firm website at

c)      Go out there and make your dreams come true already!

Remember: don't you DARE give up now, when you are so close to finally 'making it'. :)  GOT IT!!!!

Oh, will you please kindly Write a Review about me, my law firm services, my coaching services, my speaking ability, any of my books, my music/speaking album, and/or this newsletter?  It would really mean a great deal to me!  THANK YOU!

Meet you at the top!
Romp on!  Meet you at the top!

-Monroe Mann, Esq, MBA, ME, Guerrilla Marketing Coach
The Law Firm of Monroe Mann

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