Saturday, July 18, 2009

THREE QUICK IMPORTANT UPDATES (And a word on heartbreak).

Yo Unstoppable One,

a) SUBSCRIBE TO MY "GET OFF YOUR ASS" VIDEOS.  I am now posting them on YouTube.  Go there, and watch the latest 2-minute inspirational romp (about Guerrilla Networking) live and direct from Monroe Mann.  And tell me if I am not the Jim Cramer of inspiration! :)  SUBSCRIBE and you'll get a notice anytime I upload a new video to inspire your day with expert advice and my unstoppable motivational bent.   (Basically, the videos have been getting great responses on Facebook so I decided to start doing them on YouTube, where everyone can watch them (and not just my facebook friends).  They're super easy for me to record, so you can expect a lot of them. :)  

b) COME SEE ME PLAY MUSIC AT PETE'S CANDY STORE IN BROOKLYN.  I'm rocking out my songs "Hollywood Girls" and a new one called, "Rob Lowe" about a girl who broke my heart THIS SUNDAY at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn.  It's an open mic, from 5 - 8pm.  This means: a) you'd have to show up at 5 and hang till 8 to be sure to see me, but b) since it's an open mic, I'll be sitting in the audience, and I'd be happy to make friends with anyone who drops by.  I'll be wearing a straw fedora hat, so look for me and introduce yourself!  HOW TO GET THERE: Pete's Candy Story, 709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn.   Grab the L train at Union Square, 14th street, then get off after two stops, at Lorimer Street.  It's right near there. 

c) SERIOUSLY, ISN'T IT TIME YOU CALLED ME?  I've got thousands of folks on this email list, but there's only one person I want to hear from and that is YOU.  Yes, YOU! Stop rolling your eyes.  YOU!!!!  MAGNIFICENT YOU!!! :)  Go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity to speak with me for 20 minutes, under no obligation, about your career, life, or business.  I'm here for you, and I would love the opportunity to help you out.  In return, I'll share a little bit about my various programs (coaching, accountability school, and actors film school) and see if there's a match.  Call or email me to set up a time to chat.

INSPIRATIONAL BONUS ABOUT HEARTBREAK: As many of you know, my heart was torn into a million pieces a few days ago.  I am doing my best to move on despite the pain--and I mean dagger through the heart pain; pain unlike I have ever experienced in my life--worse than when the investors pulled out from my movie; worse than when I got the word I was deploying to Iraq; worse than when I returned home from the war and found out this girl I had dated before I left now had a boyfriend.  Damn, the trance this girl has put me in.  I told my mother how sad I was that I was never going to get the chance to introduce this amazing girl to her.  This girl actually mentioned 'meeting my mom' the day before she left me---talk about an unexpected 180, right?!  When I said that, my mother responded, "Monroe, it's not that you miss what was as much as you miss what could have been. You are mourning the future that you thought you were going to have with her. It's as if she died, and all the memories you thought you were going to have with the two of you together are never going to be. But that future doesn't exist; it's just in your mind."  Thanks mom.  If any of you are suffering through a devastating heartbreak after falling madly in love, I hope that perhaps my mom's advice will help you too.  It sure helped me.  I still miss this girl so much, but I am growing stronger every day.  Sigh...

Upcoming Programs:
* Actors Film School starts Saturday, August 29th for $2495. 
* Accountability School is rolling admission, so join us today for three months for $300
* 5-week coaching program for $750; 3-week for $375--let's get your career and life and business in gear!

Thanks for all your support!  I couldn't do what I do if it weren't for you.  (Hey, that rhymes--that's my new song.  No one can take that title!!!! I claim it as my own. :)

P.S. - Check out my new Time Management Program; my Actors Film School short film program; and my career, financial, and marketing coaching program.  Remember: if you'd like to chat with me (at no charge) for 20 minutes about your particular situation, I would be more than happy to do so.  Call me!  646.764.1764 (c) and 914.481.1641 (o).

Monroe Mann, ME, GMC
(JD/MBA, May 2010)

Books by Monroe Mann
Time Zen - The Shortest and Most Effective Book on Time Management & Success Ever Written (August 09)
The Theatrical Juggernaut - The Psyche of the Star
Guerrilla Networking (with Jay Conrad Levinson)
Start Your Own Coaching Business
Battle Cries for the Underdog - Fightin Words for an Extraordinary Life
To Benning & Back - The Making of a Citizen Soldier

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