Tuesday, November 29, 2011

History Lesson: Hitler vs. Mao vs. Stalin

Okay, so here's another history lesson. I mentioned Hitler last week on Facebook. This week, Stalin & Mao. Many people seem to think that Hitler was the worst offender of human rights in the history of the world, but alas, two facts seem to be overlooked: a) Hitler's death toll was about 10 - 14 million people (not counting war casualties) whereas Stalin's death toll was approximately 20 million, and b) Mao's (Gasp!) death toll at his hands was between 49 and 79 MILLION people! Is there a correlation between the regimes of Stalin and Mao besides their terrible death tolls? Yes--both were communist of the highest order. Anyone who claims that there is no causation between communism and terrible death tolls is simply ignoring history. Hitler was terrible, but it is arguable that Stalin and Mao were FAR FAR worse.

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