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I'm now a LAWYER; Speaking at AFTRA tomorrow night; more great news!

December 6, 2010

Yo Monroe,

All I have to say is that persistence pays off.  Yeah, okay, granted, persistence takes a really long time, but... it does have its upsides.  Here are a few cases in point:

  I'M NOW A LAWYER!  Yes, folks, you now know an attorney by the name of Monroe Mann.   After 3 years of intense study, I graduated law school in May, passed the NY/NJ bar exams last month, and was just admitted as an attorney in New Jersey a few weeks ago.  I expect to be admitted to the state of NY as an attorney in mid/late January as well.  And finally, I'm registered to take the California bar exam in February out in Los Angeles and am finishing up my LLM in commercial real estate law.  Bottom line: if you have any legal matters, feel free to bring 'em to me.  I'd be happy to assist you however I can.  Legal Note: I am slowly beginning the transition of Unstoppable Artists into a law firm but the current Unstoppable Artists website is NOT a legal website and has not yet been updated to reflect a law firm; I am currently practicing law under the umbrella of Mann & Mann, Attorneys in Port Chester, New York.  Unstoppable Artists is still a career consulting and coaching firm until further notice.

B) SPEAKING AT AFTRA TOMORROW NIGHT: Come see my first inspirational career seminar as... an attorney!  I am speaking tomorrow night (Tues, Dec 7th, 6 - 8PM) at the radio and television union AFTRA on the subject, "Make Your Own Break; Be Your Own Manager".  I'll be including a lot of new material based on legal concepts I didn't understand or know about before, so... come on down and hear me speak.  It's free, but you must be an AFTRA member.  Get in touch with AFTRA NY for more info.

C) MOTIVATIONAL ROCK ALBUM DONE: I am more than thrilled to report that my full-length rock album entitled, "Monroe Mann -- Get Off Your Ass" was just mastered yesterday, and will be completely done, packaged, and ready for sale in about 3 - 5 weeks.  It is a 30-track CD, and over 80 minutes, with 15 original inspirational songs, and 15 motivational mini-speeches by yours truly.  I will let you know when it's officially available---you're gonna love it.  I really think it sounds great.

D) FEATURE FILM ROUGH CUT ALMOST EDITED: Well, our editor in Los Angeles just finished editing pages 30 - 60 into a basic rough cut of the feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King", and we expect a finished first cut by Christmas.  More info soon.

E) STRAWBERRY ONE-ACT FESTIVAL: I am co-producing and acting in an awesome new play written by Arthur S. Brown in the Riant Theater's Strawberry One-Act Festival this February.  Art's play, "Three Smart Fellows" was recently accepted into the festival, and we're having our first rehearsals in a couple of weeks.  FYI, Art also plays the role of 'Dale' in 'You Can't Kill Stephen King'.

E) I AM AGAIN OFF FACEBOOK: For those who haven't yet realized, I have been off Facebook (deactivated) for the last 4 weeks, and I don't think I will be returning---for a whole slough of reasons.  If you need to get in touch with me: email, or phone.  Romp on!  

F) $375 COACHING PROGRAM; $750 TOTAL CAREER MAKEOVER:  I will send out more information about this shortly, but for now, take note: I offer an inspirational and practical 3-week $375 coaching program to help you with your career, life, finances, and dreams; as well as a 5-week $750 program that revamps absolutely everything you are working on in even more detail.  I would love to help you get lots of great things accomplished this coming year, so please, reply or give me a call for more information, or to register.  I look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks for reading!  I hope I inspired you in some way.  At the very least, thanks for staying up to date on what's going on in my world. 

No Rules. No Excuses.  No Regrets.

Monroe Mann, Esq., JD, MBA, Master of Entrepreneurship, Guerrilla Marketing Coach
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