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Your 2010 New Year's Checklist -- Monroe Mann Style

December 28, 2010

Yo Monroe,

Are you ready to make 2010 your most productive year ever?  Print out this checklist and make your dreams come true already!  This checklist is derived in part from my new book, "TIME ZEN", from my book, "GUERRILLA NETWORKING", from my book "BATTLE CRIES FOR THE UNDERDOG", and my book, "THE THEATRICAL JUGGERNAUT"


[ ] DREAM BIG -- Make a list of everything you have ever wanted to do with your life.  Don't edit.  Just write everything--no matter how crazy it may seem.  Do this before New Year's Day.

[ ] SYNERGIZE -- Figure out which of these projects you can combine, i.e. if you write down "cooking", "write a screenplay", and "spend more time with kids", why don't you write a screenplay about a kids cooking academy, and spend time with the kids cooking the recipes that you're going to include in the screenplay.  SYNERGY BABY (which is a key tenet of my book, "Time Zen")

[ ] CREATE A PLAN -- Write out all the steps you need to take to make those dreams come true.  Figure out which steps you can accomplish within two years.  Make that your strive for THIS YEAR. 

[ ] CREATE SOME TO DO LISTS -- Nothing of great magnitude gets done without a checklist.  Just as you are using this checklist to figure out what to get done this year, you should also use a checklist to help you figure out what must be done over the next month. 

[ ] STRIVES, NOT GOALS -- Don't kick yourself if you don't get things done exactly at the time you expected they would get done.  Don't think of inflexible goals; think always of very flexibly adaptable strives.

[ ] DREAM BIGGER -- Stop editing yourself!  Make a new list of dreams, and this time, put down the absolute crazy dreams!  The really outlandish ones: *astronaut, *movie star, *president of the United States  ----  I kid you not, you can do anything you set your mind to.  People who say that is not true just didn't try hard enough, and gave up before they found their solution.  GET OFF YOUR ASS ALREADY

[ ] HELP SOMEONE ELSE -- Seems crazy, but the more you help others, the more you end up on the receiving end of help from others.  What goes around comes around, they say.  Spend some time each week helping someone else, and you might just

[ ] SAY THANK YOU -- You know that feeling of not being appreciated?  Well, don't be one of those people who is making people feel underappreciated!  SAY THANK YOU DAMMIT!  Say thank you to everyone and anyone who helps you in the slightest of ways.  It costs nothing, and can mean everything (so thank YOU for reading this newsletter, and an even bigger thanks if you forward it along to a friend!)

[ ] WRITE A BOOK -- I honestly believe that everyone should be a published author.  The feeling you get when the first copy of a book you wrote arrives on your doorstep, and you tear open the box from Amazon, and you see your name in print, and you flip through the book---that feeling can't be beat.  The adrenaline rush is just indescribable.  I want you to have that feeling too (and yes, I can help you with that if you like)

[ ] GET OFF YOUR ASS -- bottom line, we all have dreams.  Most of us just hide them away in the shadow of a secure job and a 'play it safe' mentality.  WAKE UP OUT OF YOUR STUPOR!  Rekindle those dreams.  Live the life you always knew you should be living.  I would rather die trying than live under the pestering answers of 'what if' I had tried'?  In fact, I have an even better idea---don't try.  DO IT!

I come up with a lot of quotes.  Here's one that is completely appropriate. 
"How do you know when you've given it your all?  WHEN YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED."

On that note, go out there and kick some butt in 2010.  You know I sure am.  I want you to do the same.

Romp on!  Meet you at the top!

-Monroe Mann

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Monroe Mann, ME, GMC
(JD/MBA, May 2010)
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