Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Endeavor/WMA Merger and some important money tips

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First, before I tell you about the potential Endeavor/William Morris Agency merger, here are some money tips.  I found the following "12 Commandments of Wealth" in the latest Reader's Digest, and they were so great, I wanted you to have them too:
1. Seek money for money's sake and ye shall not find.
2. Find your perfect pitch. (Know your strengths and weaknesses)
3. Be your own boss
4. Get addicted to ambition [Monroe's note: my version of this is to be 'obsessed with success']
5. Wake up early.  Be early.
6. Don't set goals--execute or get executed [Monroe's note--this is my favorite one!]
7. Fail so you can succeed.
8. Location doesn't matter.  Success can take place anywhere.
9. Moor yourself to morals.
10. Say yes to sales.
11. Borrow from the best--and the worst. [Monroe's note: he's not talking about money, but ideas]
12. Never retire.
 (Adapted from "The Richest Man in Town" by W. Randall Jones)
Next, here is the full text of an article I read in the NY Post today about the potential upcoming merger between two of the biggest talent agencies.  And for you Entourage fans, you better be sure to read the whole thing. :)
Call it the ultimate Hollywood marriage.
Two of Tinseltown's most powerful talent agencies -- Endeavor and William Morris Agency -- are close to inking a merger that will create a force within the industry, providing perhaps one of the most powerful rivals to market leader Creative Artists Agency.
According to people familiar with the matter, Endeavor's 28 partners and WMA's board are expected to vote today on the combination, which will retain the WMA name.  The deal's value is said to be less that $100 million.
Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel, brother to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and the inspiration behind Ari Gold on the HBO series, "Entourage," is expected to be named CEO of the combined company, while WMA's chief Jim Wiatt would be named chairman.
But like many Hollywood marriages, this one could also en up in divorce.
Hollywood sources said that while Endeavor, which Emanuel co-founded 14 years ago, and WMA months ago agreed in principle to a merger, the deal has run into snags that has prevented completion and have all the earmarks of Hollywood ego clashes.
Among the issues that took considerable time to work out: what roles Emanuel and Wiatt would have into the company and what name the merged outfit would take.
And though those issues are apparently settled, there are doubts the battles are over.
Indeed, Emanuel and Wiatt have a stormy history that dates back to when both men worked at International Creative Management in the 1990s.  Wiatt, then ICM's president, ousted Emanuel when he caught him and Endeavor's co-founders clearing out their desks in preparation for Endeavor's launch.
Beyond that, sources say agents at both firms are nervous about the culture wars that are expected to ensue, and already some have started to look to jump ship to rival talent agencies.
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