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Another inspiring update from the RoMann Empire!

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April 2nd, 2009

 (Note: a new episode of Before the Big Break is now online at  Showing now is my interview with 'Gary Goldstein, Producer of Pretty Women, Part II'.  I think you'll get a big inspiring kick out of his story, and you'll learn something about raising money for your projects too.)

Greetings to the RoMann Legion! (that's you)
It's been a while since I've sent off an update on what's going on in my crazy world, so I thought (before I head off to the Bahamas) let me bring you all up to speed.  I hope my update inspires you to realize that you should NEVER 'focus' on just one dream, when it is most certainly possible to see them all come true. :)
a) I received two amazing phone calls today.  First, a call from Joan at t he Writer's Guild of America, i.e. the union for all professional screenwriters.  Turns out she heard about how successful my Guerrilla Networking workshop was at AFTRA and their board decided to bring me in to speak to the NY members of WGA in May. Gnarly, right?
b) Well, it gets better.  She decided she liked what she was hearing, and was thrilled when I told her how much I now knew about securities law and raising money through private placements.  Next thing I know, she is passing my info along to... the Producers Guild of America!  Totally radical, right?
c) Well, it gets BETTER.  Moments after I hang up, I get a call from... Ellen.  Who is Ellen?  She's with a company called the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  Ya know, they put on that thing every year called... THE EMMYS!  She too heard through the grapevine (actually, from a cool cat named Fiddle who I met at AFTRA) about my AFTRA workshop, and now 'The Academy' (said very stoicly) is bringing me in to speak to their members in May as well.   Like, oh my god, no way?!!  --> Yes way Ted! (movie reference)
d) So that was just part of the afternoon.  I also spent a few hours working at the Greenburg Drug Court, doing some pro bono (law student) legal work.  I am helping them create a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.  I also spent 7 hours helping one of my film students, Curt Nielsen, put the finishing touches on his sick and twisted drama called, "Dear John" that I know you're gonna love.  If you haven't yet, you can watch 7 of the films I have shot (and acted in) with my students at
e) As some of you may know, I am 90% done with my latest (6th) book, called, "Time Zen - the simplest, shortest, and most-effective time management system ever created."  Everyone always asks me, "Do you sleep?"  The answer is... yes, I do!  In fact, not only do I get more done than most, but I think I am less stressed out because of it--because I have control over my time, rather than time controlling me.  That's what this book will teach you---how to turn time into YOUR slave, instead of the other way around.  Look for it on Amazon in mid-June!

f) I am proud to be 3 weeks away from finishing my 2nd year of law school.  I am still in the joint JD/MBA program, and will be finishing my MBA in Finance this December, and my law degree next May.  This summer, I'm enrolled in four MBA classes: Investment Analysis; Advanced Topics in Financial Management; Securities Law; and Stakeholder Responsibility.  I am SO excited about these classes---these classes that are turning me into a financial dynamo.
g) Speaking of law school, I am stoked to report that I have taken the first steps towards turning Unstoppable Artists, LLC into the most awesome entertainment law firm in the world.  It's all preliminary, but I have posted an ad on Craigslist under NY Legal Job looking for potential law partners (it's still there, if you want to see it).  I can't believe the number of responses and the caliber of those interested.  I am honored and humbled, and want to thank Dan Timins of Timins and Durante, and attorney Ben Thompson in DC for helping me out this past week, answering my questions.  One of the services I hope to become well known for is independent SEC-exempted 504 and 506 securities offerings, i.e. helping low budget filmmakers, rock bands, theater and show producers, and small businesses find and raise the money they need to make their dreams come true!  Awesomeness!
h) On that note, I am excited to report that if everything continue on schedule, we (Ronnie, Bob, and I) will be casting our feature-length horror film, "The Quiet" this May, doing pre-pro over the summer, and shooting in the fall in the great state of Maine.  Arghhhh.  That's my pirate impression, though I don't know why it would be appropriate here.  It must be late, haha.  Or I must be thinking about my trip to the Bahamas.  More on that soon.
i) For those tracking my progress, I am now about 17,000 words into my novel, called "STASIS", which I hope to have done by summer.  I also started a new screenplay that is so novel, even I myself don't know what it's about.  Yeah, THAT hush hush. :)
j) Finally, I am now a certified 1st Responder, and on the road to becoming a PADI Rescue Diver.  That's part of the reason I am leaving for the Bahamas shortly.  I am spending 7 days living on a 65-foot catamaran sailboat, sailing around the islands, and scuba diving three times a day.  I am enrolled in the Rescue and DiveMaster program, the completion of which will make me eligible to become a SCUBA instructor, which is something I have wanted to become for a long time.  Once I become an instructor, I get to go on free vacations in exotic locales around the world, teaching SCUBA diving.  How miserable. 

On that note, I want to wish a fond 'bon voyage'.  Well, I guess since I'm the one leaving, I will accept YOUR 'bon voyage' wishes to me.  Fair winds, I say!  And thanks again for all of your support, now, and over the years.  The RoMann Empire can only stay strong with YOUR support.  As I have alluded to many times, there is going to be a special reward for those who are still on this email list once I 'hit it big'.  I can't tell you yet what the surprise is (top secret), but it's gonna be pretty cool---and no, it's not a free ebook.
< div>Oh, before I head to bed, I wanted to remind you about three things:
a) don't forget my career, business, time management, and financial coaching services through Unstoppable Artists.  I am in a really good mood since I am heading out on vacation, so anyone who becomes a client before the end of the month and mentions this email will get $75 off the $750 program, or $45 off the $375 program. 
b) don't forget to check out my film school, Actors Film School.  The next course starts Sat, April 18th, and I have one more spot left, and yes, I now offer incredibly affordable payment plans (as low as $137.50/month)
c) don't forget to check out my books: The Theatrical Juggernaut, Guerrilla Networking, Battle Cries for the Underdog, Start Your Own Coaching Business, and To Benning and Back.  And tell your friends!  <--ya know, the obligatory marketing thing to say, haha.

Meet ya at the top,
P.S.: Watch our latest films at!  The second Actors Film School class is DONE, and the four films are now available for viewing as part of the AFS Online Film Festival.  They are as follows:
"Open Call" by Caroline Poppell
"808 Latin Heist" by Monroe Mann
"Dear John" by Curtis Nielsen (Will be up early April)

The coolest part?  We all act in each other's films!  So you'll see my smiling mug in all the films, as well as the mugs of each of the other filmmakers.  And this summer, I am planning to unveil the Unstoppable Artists Film Festival in Manhattan, and each of these great films will be screened there, in addition to those submitted by the public that qualify.  More info coming soon.
NOTE: There is room for one more student in the next AFS class starting on April 18th.  Rebecca Thomas and Carl Kelsey have already registered and we're looking for one more ambitious smiling face!  Do you want to be a part of the NEXT AFS film festival?  Join the class today and I'll make sure you finish your film and get it up there!
Oh: You have GOT to read20some of these testimonials from past students.  Here are three from the latest class:

Testimonial # 1: by TONY JERACI - Class of January 2009
His Film: "Hummusity in Desperate Times"

"Actor's Film School is truly one of the most unique film schools out there.  I have yet to find a more rigorous eight-week program that will teach you all the essentials of do-it-yourself filmmaking.  Small classes that provide close attention and hands-on learning was the best part.  Also, after completing four shorts in two months, you'll feel confident to pursue that feature film you've been holding on to.  I can't stress it enough: after this class, you will know how to be (and if you want to be) a filmmaker.  Monroe's class covers it all, from the early stages of pre-production through the final elements of post.  Whether you're a novice filmmaker looking to learn the basics, or someone who's worked on films before but wants to get four short films under his/her belt, then I highly recommend taking this class."
Testimonial # 2: by CURT NIELSEN - Class of January 2009
His Film, "Dear John"

As an actor, I've had no better, in-depth training in the medium of film than Actors Film School.  While directing, shooting and editing my own film, I analyzed the different takes of my own performance. I realized the power and limits of the camera, lighting, and angles, and how to most effectively enhance the power of my acting. I've learned what the editor needs, and what makes the director thrill -- because I've worn all those hats in completing my own film and working on those of my classmates.  And, through Actors Film School, I've had the good fortune of working with people who've completed their own highly regarded films and shared their invaluable expertise.  Where else can an actor gain that confidence and on-camera training so affordably and quickly (and have so much fun doing it?) I put a star in my pocket with the Actors Film School experience and would recommend it to anyone who may considering it.

CAROLINE POPPELL - Class of January 2009
Her Film: "Open Call"

I would definitely recommend this course to someone who wanted to learn the basics of making a movie.  This course has not only given me the ability to make a feature, but I now have the confidence.  Stay tuned for my feature- "Risk-Free Departure"=2 0in 2010!

Read more testimonials at

Meet you at the top!
P.S. - The next Actors Film School class starts on Saturday, April 18th, and there is only ONE more spot remaining.  Check out for more info, and if you're interested in career and financial coaching, check out
Call 914-481-1641 or reply to this email to set up your free 20-min ute career, marketing, and financial phone consultation with Unstoppable Artists' founder Monroe Mann.  Who is he?  He's the guy to call when you're finally ready to take control of your circumstances.   

ROMP ON! Meet you at the TOP!
No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.
-Monroe Mann, ME, GMC (JD/MBA - May 2010)
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P.S. - You know how people are always looking for their big break, and just wish there were an easier way?  Well, there is.  And it has a name: Unstoppable Artists.  I help clients create their own breaks by teaching them how to manage their own career and finances, and help them to gain more exposure.  I help people in show business, music, sports, and publishing (and of course entrepreneurs) think much bigger, gain more control of their futures, and become a part of the 'lucky' few who are considered successful.

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