Monday, March 02, 2009

So... how do you know when you've given it your all?

Hey Unstoppable Ones,

Last night, I was reading Robert Kiyosaki's book, "Increase Your Financial IQ".

He writes, "You can quit when you win, but never quit when you're losing... You
first must solve the problem in front of you."

It reminded me of something I often tell my clients, "Don't tell me you don't
want to be famous. You are NOT famous, so how can you yourself know what it
feels like? Maybe you'll love it!"

I go on to tell them, "So your best strategy is to become famous first, as
quickly as possible, and then---once you are indeed famous and actually know
what it feels like---only then make the decision whether you want to be famous."

This further reminded me of something else I tell my clients (and myself), "How
do you know when you've given it your all? ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED."

Well, just like you, I too have my doubts sometimes, and am sometimes confused
about what to do, or I know what to do, but am impatient because I want it NOW.
For instance, right now, I am in law school---for another year and a half! And
then I have to take the bar exam. I am sick of school! I am ready to reap the
rewards already! I am ready to shoot the feature films I have written, and get

But remember what Kiyosaki wrote above, "You can quit when you win, but never
quit when you're losing... You first must solve the problem in front of you."
Right now, my problem is law school. And I need to suck it up and drive on
because I know that in the end, it will have been worth all the effort. That it
will have been worth the time expended. That it will have been worth the
$120,000 I am spending to attend. That as a result of my sacrifices now, in the
long term, I am going to be wealthy and successful beyond my wildest dreams: as
an attorney; as a filmmaker; as an actor; as a musician; as an artist.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Well, I want YOU to sacrifice on your own
journey to the top as well. When you see an opportunity that may set you back
in the short term, but will make you successful in the long term, I want you to
jump. I want you to pounce. I don't want you to think; you need to ACT.

On that note, here are a few things going on this month at Unstoppable Artists
that I hope you will take advantage of:

a) I am giving a free workshop at AFTRA on the 17th, from 6 - 8PM, either on
raising money for projects, or being your own manager. Come on down!

b) On March 28th starts the next Actors Film School 8-week course. Isn't it
time you learn how to produce and STAR IN your own films? Cost is only $1895
(with down payment of only $400 and 10 monthly payments of only $149.50), or you
can pay a flat-fee of $1595 paid up front. Call me! Don't let financing get in
the way of learning how to take control of your career! Note that you can watch
the films from the last class now at
The current class is editing their films now in the editing room, and they will
will be posted online for you to see in about two weeks.

c) For those in Los Angeles, I am considering putting together a 10-day
intensive version of Actors Film School for this summer. Lemme know if you're
interested, and I will add you to the list.

d) I continue to offer my flagship 5-week career and business coaching program
for $925 (with payment plan) or $750 (paid up front), and also my 3-week
jumpstart program for $475 (with payment plan) or $375 (paid up front). Call
for a free 20-minute career consultation.

e) You already know that I am an acclaimed published author. Have you read my
books? Have you read the Drama Book Shop bestseller, "The Theatrical Juggernaut
- The Psyche of the Star"? How about the Barnes & Noble bestseller, "Guerrilla
Networking" with Jay Levinson? Or "Battle Cries for the Underdog"? They are
all available now, and they will certainly help you on your journey.

Thanks for reading. Please forward this email to your friends! And I look very
much forward to meeting you ... AT THE TOP! (and in my film school, and as a
client, too!)

-Monroe Mann


Eric Dawson said...
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Eric Dawson said...

Monroe - I love this stuff. When all you hear about is how bad the economy is and everyone else is batting down the hatches, this is the time to ACT. I find you to be one of the more inspiring people out there right now - check out this blog I wrote about you!
Found Inspiration