Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So this is the latest thing everyone is doing on Facebook.  It's up there on my profile (on FB), but figured I would post it here on my official blog as well.  Enjoy!

1) My full name is Monroe Yale Mann, Jr.

2) I am a PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver

3) I feel like God's mission for me in life is to inspire as many people as possible to go after their dreams with a vengeance.

4) I get a check for $240 every month, tax free, because of my injuries sustained while serving in Iraq with the Army

5) I am a Scorpio

6) I now wear invisilign retainers for the next four months to make my teeth poifectly straight

7) In elementary school, I was one of the coolest kids. Everyone loved me. In middle and high school, something happened, and I was picked on constantly. I was even shoved in a locker once. Given wedgies. Pushed. Shoved. Made fun of. I lost all of my self confidence. College helped to bring it back. Living in Europe for two years strengthened me even more. Finally, basic training in the army forged me into the unstoppable force I try to be today. I had a strange childhood...

8) I am one of the loneliest people in the world and often feel there is no one I can talk to who understands me or really even cares.

9) My 2009 top five goals are to successfully finish another year of law school, finish and publish four more books, get my band back together and perform again!, get my film school and coaching business supremely profitable, and either buy a condo or bring the total amount in my real estate fun to $10,000

10) I secretly want to get a tattoo

11) I just bought anatomy flash cards---just for fun, to learn about the body

12) One of my dreams is to get my PhD (after law school) and spend my July every year teaching at Franklin College in Switzerland

13) I have finally become a regular speaker at AFTRA, one of the three unions for actors, thanks to a generous introduction last year by my friend and fellow actor/director Jeff Goldstein

14) I think I am going to run for office one day

15) I absolutely detest sushi.

16) I miss my two sisters tremendously. Sort of. Not really. Maybe on some days. Not sure.

17) I often wistfully wonder why I have not yet made it to the 'top' of showbusiness, and how many more years it is going to take me to get there.

18) Beneath my gung-ho confident never-say-day public persona, I am pretty self-conscious, scared, and worried.

19) I learned this past year that I absolutely DETEST doing publicity for people other than myself, and even with a law degree, I do not want to be anyone's talent manager. Glad I learned that now, before I got too involved, and before it became too late!

20) I really want to become fluent in at least five different languages. I'm there with French, and close with Italian. I'd like Chinese, Portuguese, and maybe Arabic to come next.

21) I really should be doing law homework and my accounting in Quickbooks for the last month, but instead, I am writing the 25th random thing about me. I really have no idea why.

22) I once had a cute little shih-tzu named Ming Du.

23) My dad turned 87 years old today. His birthday is February 2, 1922. He still works 9 - 6PM six days a week as an 87-year-old attorney, and I hope that I have his genes in that regard!

24) I am studying to take my sailing navigation exam again this spring. I took it in the fall and missed passing by a few questions, so hope to nail it this time.

25) I just read a biography about Captain Kidd, the alleged pirate. Turns out: he was NOT a pirate, he was framed, the British legal system completely broke down, and he was hanged for crimes he never committed, and today, everyone thinks 'pirate' whenever they hear 'Captain Kidd' and gosh, that is SUCH a shame. Captain Kidd was not a pirate!!!!!! The book is great: "Captain Kidd: The Pirate Hunter"

Tha-tha-tha-that's all folks!

Romp On! Hooah! Meet You at the Top!

-Monroe Mann
ME (Master of Entrepreneurship); GMC (Guerrilla Marketing Coach); JD/MBA (Spring 2010)
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