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New inspiring interview; Some practical tips; and Actors Film School

Hey Everyone!  Happy December 1st!
I. Three Quick Marketing Success Tips
II. New "Before the Big Break" interview with Dan Lurie, 3-time Mr. America's Most Muscular Man (and co-star with Ed McMahon on Sealtest Bigtop)
III. Inspiring story
IV. Register now the next Actors Film School course, starting on Saturday, January 10th.
V. Coaching and publicity program also available
1. Your marketing angle = "Why you are different."(tm)  Think long and hard, and determine why you, your services, and your company are 100% unique.  Think about it: if you are NOT 100% unique, then you really don't have much of a marketing angle, do you?  90% of your time should be spent figuring this out.
2. Your marketing plan = "How you tell people you are different."(tm)  There are only two ways to tell people you are different: either through Advertising, or through Publicity.  That's it.  How do you come up with your marketing plan?  Easy---if your marketing angle is good, and specific enough, your marketing plan will be obvious to you.  Only spend 10% of your time figuring out your marketing plan. 
3. C.C.C.(tm) = Cost, Credibility, and Control.  Meaning what?  Meaning those are the differences between advertising and publicity.  Advertising costs money, publicity does not; Advertising offers little credibility, and publicity offers a lot; and Advertising gives total control, publicity gives you very little control.  Make sense?  THIS is why you have to use both advertising AND publicity in your marketing plan.  If you only use one, you are inevitably missing one of the three C's.  So learn about publicity and advertising BOTH today!
Summary: if you don't have a good marketing angle, the only thing your marketing plan will succeed in doing is 'telling everyone that you're NOT different.'  Who wants to work with someone like that?

We are soooo proud to share with you our latest Before the Big Break interview, this time with Dan Lurie, 3-time Mr. America's Most Muscular Man (and co-star with Ed McMahon on Sealtest Bigtop) Are you curious how Dan persevered to become Most Muscular Mann three years in a row?  How Dan turned a business he started in his mom's basement into a national phenomenon?  How Dan ended up becoming Lou Ferigno's personal trainer?  Well, wonder no longer!  The answers are all here in our exclusive on-camera interview: www.BeforeTheBigBreak.com, and on our celebrity blog right there on the site!
Question: "So, how did you become a movie star?"
Answer: "I decided to go to law school."
For years, I fought against following in my parents' footsteps: I did NOT want to become a lawyer.  I wanted to become an actor!  If I became a lawyer, then I wouldn't be an actor anymore, right?!  I would limit my opportunities because no one would take me seriously as an actor, right?  Well, I was wrong.  And that's why I ultimately decided to start law school last year.  And now, I am halfway done.  And as a result, my acting career is actually benefiting in ways I never imagined.  First, my businesss partner Phil Malandrino and I are negotiating now with a huge hedge fund in Germany--they want us to head up the North American film financing wing of their operation.  Part of that is because they trust me--an attorney to be.  And if Phil and I control the pursestrings for film financing, who do you think is going to be getting acting parts in those films?  Second, and this story just happened today.  It started last year.  Here's the progression of events: Fall 2007--I started law school; Summer 2008--I meet a lawyer auditing one of my classes who knows the marketing director for the White Plains Performing Arts Center.  This lawyer became my friend, and thought highly enough of me to introduce me to Bruce at the Performing Arts Center.  Next, Bruce introduces me to casting director Michael Cassara, because he finds out I'm an actor, that I run a company involved in showbusiness, and because he thought Michael and I might be able to help one another out.  Well, today, Michael returned my call, and on Friday, I am meeting with him--to discuss how my role as actor, producer, publicist/manager, and attorney-to-be can potentially help him.  Will I bring my headshot?  Of course.  Will I bring a copy of my acting reel?  Of course.  Will I potentially get some auditions through Michael Cassara now for my acting career?  Absolutely.  Did law school get in the way of this happening?  No way!  In fact, it's only BECAUSE of law school that I have that meeting on Friday. How do you like them apples?

THE LESSON: don't limit yourself.  Instead, bring all of your diverse interests together focused on a single goal.  I call it 'synergistic diversification'(tm).  Do lots of things (write books, start a band, join the army, etc) and make sure they all help you reach your ultimate goal.  Don't let people brainwash you into 'focusing'---the only thing you should focus on is the END; the 'means' is a whole other story.  Don't assume that you know the straight line road to the top; guess what: YOU DON'T.  This is why most people who try to 'make it' never end up 'making it'.  So instead, be open to the distinct possibility that the road you take to the top will be more winding than you could ever imagine.  "Hey, so how did you become a movie star?"  "By going to law school."  <---doesn't seem so far fetched anymore does it?


It's official: Actors Film School is a hit!  Four weeks ago, class began with 4 students.  Each wrote, produced, directed, starred in, and is now editing his own film.  In about four weeks, each of those 4 films will be completed, and posted on the ActorsFilmSchool.com site, and on YouTube.  And each student will leave with an acting reel of his best scenes from each film.  Are you ready to join in the fun?  The next session starts on Saturday, January 10th.  I have combined everything I usually teach in my inspirational business course into a film school where you write your script, produce it, direct it, STAR in it, AND where you are required to co-star in all the other films as well.  Each film MUST be under 3-minutes.  Each film WILL be completed at the end of the seven-week course.  In fact, your film WILL be submitted to film festivals at the end of the course, posted on YouTube, posted up on the Loco Dawn Films website, and shared with the world.  Oh, and you'll leave with an acting reel with your best moments from all the films as well.  Did I mention you also leave with a 10-year business, marketing, and financial strategy as well?  If this sounds great, register for the next class, starting in mid-January, on Saturdays, from 2 - 6PM, and for only $1500!!!  Check out www.ActorsFilmSchool.com for more information!

As you may also know, I am a third year JD/MBA student, a member of SAG, AFTRA, and EQUITY, the host and lead producer of the celebrity talk-show Before the Big Break, the author of 5 books, and hey, I've been a guest on 4 television talk shows, including CNBC's The Big Idea and The Dr. Keith Show.  My point?  I CAN HELP YOU PUT TOGETHER A BANG UP PLAN and/or HELP YOU GET THE PUBLICITY YOU NEED AND DESERVE.  Visit www.UnstoppableArtists.com for more info, or call me.  Coaching programs start at $750 for five weeks.
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