Saturday, October 25, 2008

Introducing... Bob Beck, Jonathan Arons, and Amanda Rowan. And... Monroe Mann update!

Hello Hello!
I wanted to take a moment to introduce my three current publicity clients to you, and tell you how absolutely awesome they are!  (And if you're a fan of me too, you can read my awesome update at the bottom!)
1) Introducing... BOB BECK.  Bob is the acclaimed author of the new inspirational book, 'Winning in the 5th Quarter', which is about applying the secrets of football to a successful life and career.  What does Mr. Beck know about these things?  Well, just about everything.  Not only is he a former collegiate football player and football coach, but he also has the distinction of taking not one, but THREE, companies public, and he has spoken in hundreds of cities and 10 countries about how he did it.  The guy is amazing, and his book completely has my stamp of approval.  I read it; I loved it; I am inspired by it; and heck, Coach Ken Hatfield himself says, "This book is a thesis on success, life, love, and joy.  This book is a must read for anyone wanting to enjoy life to its fullest."  You can buy the book at buy clicking here, and read more about Bob at    p.s. his mother is a famous person; see if you can figure out who!
2) Introducing... JONATHAN ARONS.  Jonathan is best known as the hilariously talented dancing trombonist from America's Got Talent.  If you haven't yet seen his STANDING OVATION performance, you need to check it out at  Jonathan has recently been seen on the Today Show (and he'll be on AGAIN this week), and has appeared previously on Steve Harvey, The Apollo, Leno, Maury Povich, and the list goes on.  Jonathan is also the author of the upcoming book, "Uncle Tim's Condo" which is a wildly funny and poignant discussion of how white people are traditionally stereotyped as bad dancers, and what they can do about it!   More info at   p.s. his family started and owns a well-known children's organization in New Jersey--see if you can figure out which one!
3) Introducing... AMANDA ROWAN.  Many of you have already seen Amanda in the National Lampoon film, "Pledge This", in which Amanda co-starred with one of her good friends, Paris Hilton.  You may have also seen her acting in a film she wrote and produced called, "She Pedals Fast for a Girl", which debuted this past summer at the Newport Beach Film Festival.  Or, you have probably seen some of the photos she has taken as celebrity photographer of such famous stars as Amy Smart, Sean Lennon, Elisha Cuthbert, and of course, Paris.  In fact, she is coming from to NY for actor headshot and portrait sessions from November 18th - 23rd, and if you mention my name, she'll give you a hugely reduced $350 rate that includes 4 looks, hair and makeup, and a CD with all the edited photos.  If you live in Los Angeles, even better: that's where she lives!  You can check out her photography site at, and you can read more about her (and see a hot photo of her with Paris Hilton!) at   P.S. -- her dad is a famous blue grass musician.  See if you can figure out who he is!
4) Re-introducing... MONROE MANN.  I couldn't resist promoting myself at the same time (I'm just good at it, ya know?)  So as for me, I'm just about halfway done with law school, and love my current classes (entertainmment law, property, appellate advocacy, federal tax, and an MBA course, operations).  I just signed a new book deal with the amazing Peter Bielagus for a book called, "Getting Loaded Thru Negotiation" which we will be co-writing; I also am nearly done with another book (co-written with Lou Bortone) called, "Battle Cries for the Hollywood Underdog".  If you haven't yet, please check out my books, The Theatrical Juggernaut and Guerrilla Networking, that you will LOVE.  Beyond that, you guys know about my rockin' talk-show Before the Big Break, I had the privilege of speaking at AFTRA last week, and well things are going pretty well overall.  In fact, now you also know that my publicity business is doing pretty well too! 
On that note, if you or anyone you know:
a) seeks a wonderfully talented business, financial, and career cheerleader and drill sergeant, or
b) seeks an absolutely top notch manager/publicist (see website for details), or
c) want(s) to enroll in the most amazing film school on the planet...
What are you waiting for? Give me a call at my office: 914-481-1641; I'd be happy to chat with you or your friend.  Or just reply to this email.
-Monroe Mann
Call 914-481-1641 or reply to this email to set up your free 20-minute career, marketing, and financial phone consultation with Unstoppable Artists' founder Monroe Mann.  Who is he?  He's the guy to call when you're finally ready to take control of your circumstances.   

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