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September 9th, 2008

Five quick things for the RoMann Legion (that's you!) from the RoMann Empire (that's me). 
First: if you're on Facebook, it's time to become my friend on one of the coolest networking tools around.  If you're not on Facebook, get crackin'.  Once you try it, you'll be hooked.  Facebook ROCKS.   You can click the links below to take you to my various pages.
Monroe Mann on Facebook (be sure to send a message letting me know you're on my email list)
Unstoppable Artists on Facebook (gonna be doing some cool things with this so definitely become a fan)
Before the Big Break on Facebook (we launch in less than 3 weeks; join us to be the first to get updates)

Second: if you're getting this email early on Tuesday morning, DO NOT MISS THE TODAY SHOW AT 9AM EST.  My client, Jonathan Arons from America's Got Talent is going to be interviewed.  And he may just end up dancing!!  And you are going to laugh your asses off!  Check out previous appearances (Tonight Show, Steve Harvey, The Apollo, Maury) at his website, www.DancingTrombone.com
Third: if you are raring to see me speak, here are two FREE opportunities.  First, on September 20th at NYC Screenwriters talking about, 'Becoming a Producing Screenwriter'.  It's free to attend, but you must be a member of their group: www.NYCScreenwriter.org   Second, my AFTRA speaking date is finally on the calendar, and I am the first speaker of the year!  On October 7th, I'll be teaching a course on how to 'Make Your Own Break/Be Your Own Manager'--you must be a paid up member of AFTRA to attend.
Fourth: Guess what people?!!  After over a year, I am so proud to report that in less than two weeks, you are going to be able to watch my awesomely funny 43-minute SAG film, "Origami Deathmatch" online.  Stay tuned---the laughs from the incredibly talented 32-person cast are just around the corner.  Thank you (friend/client/cast member) Arthur Brown for your help in getting the film online!  <---he's got a new book coming out soon that you are going to LOVE called, "Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Cartoons".
Fifth (and finally): The date is set: Actors Film School starts on Saturday, October 18th, for 6 weeks.  Check out Loco Dawn Films' first instructional program at www.ActorsFilmSchool.com.  <---brand new site.  Check it out!
And that's the latest from the RoMann Empire.
Thanks so much for your support!
-Monroe Mann
Call 914-481-1641 or reply to this email to set up your free 20-minute career, marketing, and financial phone consultation with Unstoppable Artists' founder Monroe Mann.  Who is he?  He's the guy to call when you're finally ready to take control of your circumstances.   

ROMP ON! Meet you at the TOP!
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-Monroe Mann, ME, GMC (JD/MBA - May 2010)
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P.S. - You know how people are always looking for their big break, and just wish there were an easier way?  Well, there is.  And it has a name: Unstoppable Artists.  I help clients create their own breaks by teaching them how to manage their own career and finances, and help them to gain more exposure.  I help people in show business, music, sports, and publishing (and of course entrepreneurs) think much bigger, gain more control of their futures, and become a part of the 'lucky' few who are considered successful. 

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