Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Improv show TODAY, and 'hooah' Monroe Mann update!

DATE: December 16th, 2007 
SUBJECT: Improv show TODAY, and 'hooah' Monroe Mann update.
(i.e. loyal fans of the RoMann Empire):
A) First, if you're in New York City, come TODAY (Sunday) to Upright Citizens Brigade theater to see me and 11 other performers split into two teams to perform what we improvisors affectionately call The Harold - a longform improvised show based on a suggestion BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.  It's a wild and fun show with a big layer of 'what the heck is happening next?' added to a process that can only be described as building a plane in the air.  If that doesn't sound fun, what does?  It's today, Sunday, 5:30PM, at UCB Theater, 26th St, just west of 8th ave, $5.
B) In other news, I am pleased to report that I:
* am just finishing up my first semester of law school this week--one final exam down, two to go!
* am graduating this May with my Masters in Entrepreneurship
* am finishing up a new book called, "How to Start Your Own Motivational Coaching Business" with Entrepreneur Press
* am 1/4 through my studies at Boston Institute of Finance to become a Certified Financial Planner
* just finished a new horror screenplay with comedian Ronnie Khalil and horror writer Bob Madia which we hope to start shooting in Maine this spring
* Barnes & Noble just made a big order to stock Guerrilla Networking in even MORE stores across the country!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
* I have two speaking engagements in January: one on Jan 8th at at the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists speaking about how to 'Make Your Own Break/Be Your Own Manager' and another at Drama Book Shop on Saturday, the 19th, talking about... 'Guerrilla Networking in the Arts and Business'.
* and I'm SOOO pleased and excited to report that my SAG comedy film Origami Deathmatch (that I wrote, produced, directed, and co-starred in along with 32 other actors) is premiering this Friday, December 21st, at the Pioneer Theater in New York City.  I am sending a press release off with more info later tonight/tomorrow with more details.
Thank you for all of your support!
-Monroe Mann
Staff Publicist
The RoMann Empire 
To contact Monroe Mann, either for comment or as a media interview, please call or email him. He is located in New York City, and available to the media.
**Remember... I'm the guy to call when you're ready to take control of your circumstances.** 
Call for a complimentary consultation, and yes, please, forward this email to your friends!
P.S. - We now have 22 members in the American Break Diving Association, in three countries, and in 12 cities.  Visit www.breakdiving.com for more information.  We'd love you to join us!
-Monroe Mann
Founder, Unstoppable Artists, and the American Break Diving Association

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