Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick End of May Update

Quick update for everyone:

* I finished my first year of business school (my MBA) three weeks ago.  Woo hoo!  Scored a B+ in Marketing and e-business, and a B in Statistics and modeling
* I also finished my first year of my Masters of Entrepreneurship through Western Carolina University
* Finally finished Guerrilla Networking (the book I am writing with Jay Levinson).  I hope to have it off to the publisher in a few weeks
* The final cut of my film Origami Deathmatch is 3/4 done.  Gonna be finished by the end of June!  FOLD IT!
* My film, In the Wake, still drives forward.  Working to finalize the deal with the 'secret' company out in LA in June
* I was accepted into Pace Law School---and thus their JD/MBA program.  While I will take two summer MBA courses starting tomorrow, come the fall, I stop business school for a year, and do the first year of law school at Pace.  Wild, eh?
* I am putting together an off-Broadway show called, "Running for Famous" starring... my ROMP band, Running for Famous.  I hope for it to go up this fall.
* I am about 1/4 done with a novel I am working on, and 1/2 way through writing a new screenplay based on my time in Iraq
* And of course, my business Unstoppable Artists continues to chug along splendidly. 

More to come soon!

Meet you at the top.
No Rules, No Excuses, No Regrets(r).
-Monroe Mann

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