Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So, what happened in Boston?

QUITE A LOT! (And what's going on with my wakeboarding film?---keep reading)

Here's the quick rundown:

a) My two films, Origami Deathmatch, and Like a Lamb in June, were both screened in rough cut format.

b) As a result of my attendence and the screening of the films: (1) Ruff Cutz festival producer himself Jamie Benti cast me in his new film and offered to send a car to pick me up in New York, (2) I found two potential co-producers of my wakeboarding film in the form of Jorge Rodriguez and Alex Ferrari of the film Broken, that Roger Ebert gave '2 Thumbs Up' to, AND (3) I was asked to potentially direct a short film by Kevin Anderton, who just sold a number of his other short films to Sony Pictures.

c) I also was a featured speaker and panelist, alongside casting director Carolyn Pickman (local casting for The Departed, Good Will Hunting), Rich Schmidt (Feature-Filmmaking at Used Car Prices), Robert Siegel (famed entertainment attorney), Patrick Smith (Blend Films), Jeff Gordon (Writers Boot Camp), & as I mentioned, Alex Ferrari and Jorge Rodriguez (Broken). Festival producer Jaime benti wrote, 'Monroe Mann is a volcano of energy and ambition. Not only did he do an amazing job speaking, but he also networked in a way that would make the finest politician proud. He taught me a thing or two about determination.'

d) I was interviewed for both the Boston-area television show, 'Meet the Filmmakers' as well as on-camera for In fact, you can see my 4 1/2 minute interview posted up at now, entitled, "Actors need to do far, far more than act." I cover both actors and filmmakers, and truly, artists in general. Check it out! You'll enjoy it.

e) Okay, and finally, about my feature film, 'In the Wake'. Yes, it's true. After 5 years of struggle, I have finally raised the first $30,000. Those lovely greenbacks now reside in an interest bearing account under the name Loco Dawn Films, LLC. What this means is that a) I am no longer just a screenwriter with a dream--I am now feature filmmaker who has actually raised some Benjamins. b) I can finally call my agency friends at Endeavor and William Morris once again and get some more attachments for the film. What this means for you? If you or anyone you know is an accredited investor, has $10,000 that they would like to invest in a film, AND get it deducted from their year 2007 tax return as a business expense... have them get in touch with me. We have a stellar team assembled for this film that includes production advisors Bob Fraser (Full House/Benson) and Mike Finnell (Gremlins, Small Soldiers, the 'burbs), as well as Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) as one of our marketing advisors. Not to mention that the entire wakeboarding community is on board, as well as Avril Lavigne and Sum41. :) So spread the word! IT'S FUND-RAISING TIME! Note: we are raising money throught the Model Accredited Investor Exemption to Regulation D. If you don't know what that means, just disregard (or hire Unstoppable Artists to school you up!)

Be sure to check out my new book, "Guerrilla Networking" that I am co-writing with Jay Conrad Levinson. You can find it available for pre-sales at Amazon and

-Monroe Mann
Publicity Coordinator, The RoMann Empire :)

P.S. - It would mean so much to me if you would--ya know, every month or two---just meander over to and search for 'Monroe Mann' and help support me by posting something positive about me, or replying to whatever drivvle the peanut galley is spewing out. Cause seriously, when there is a website called 'Ten Things I Hate About Monroe Mann', you know you're starting to make waves, but if I don't have a counterweight (you guys), those waves might tip me over. And the RoMann Empire Must Not Fall!

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killerbeez said...

"* Finally, if you or any of your artist friends need to get their butts in gear, and could use a top-notch business, marketing, and financial strategy... send them my way! Whether writers, singers, dancers, actors, directors, producers, whatever!--I'd be happy to provide a free 15 - 20 minute career consultation by telephone, no hard selling, no sleazy pitches--simply to discuss the best options for their future."


Riiiiggghhhhttt ... because you're so scary successful! Sure - let's let you control the careers of up and coming future coke addicts who end up in porn.