Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And we're off!

Okay, so what is Monroe doing this week?

In a nutshell:
* finishing up the editing of the rough cut of my film, "Origami Deathmatch"
* finalizing my submission to the new reality show about directors called, "On the Lot"
* working on my book, "Guerrilla Networking" that I am writing with Jay Levinson
* heading to marketing class at Pace tomorrow, and then statistics class on thursday (for my MBA), and continuing work on my mid-term for my ME (Masters of Entrepreneurship)
* doing an interview for a television show in Manhattan
* getting postcards ready to send off as press kit reminders to all of the casting directors in NY and LA about my appearance on the Dr. Keith Show as a guest (on I believe Feb 14th, V-day)
* revamping and continually revitalizing and improving www.UnstoppableArtists.com and the services that I offer my clients and students
* trying to plan and strategize the best way to get my band back together and playing out :)

One of my favorite quotes is by Vince Lombardi. He said, "Show me someone who is successful, and I'll show you someone who has overcoming adversity." Well, Vince, I'm overcoming! I'm overcoming! :) Or... trying to anyway.

-Monroe Mann

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